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How Many Kids Do the ‘Sister Wives’ Really Have?
Source: TLC

It’s Hard to Keep Track, So How Many Kids Do the 'Sister Wives' Have?


A lot can happen in a decade — especially for a family with one husband and four wives. Just ask TLC’s Sister Wives starring family, the Browns. Their family-centered reality show debuted around their polygamist lifestyle in 2010, introducing the courtship and marriage of Kody Brown to fourth wife Robyn Sullivan (now Robyn Brown).

But Kody had three wives and a whole lotta kids when the show first aired, and more since. So how big has the Brown family gotten to date? Let’s break it down.

One husband. Four wives. And how many kids?

Okay, stay with us here. As Kody explains, “I fell in love, fell in love again, and then again, and then again.” And with all that love and marriage came plenty of baby carriages. The collective Browns have 18 kids, including adopted children, to be exact. 

The Sister Wives entered the family in this order: Meri Brown, then Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and finally, Robyn.