Quitters Are Uncommon on 'The Amazing Race,' but Not Unheard of

In Season 33 of ‘The Amazing Race,’ contestants are forced to quit due to COVID-19 complications. How many people have quit in past seasons?

Jamie Lerner - Author

Jan. 6 2022, Published 11:05 a.m. ET

'Amazing Race' host Phil Keoghan
Source: CBS

Season 33 of The Amazing Race might be the most historic yet. Not only because it’s the first season filmed during a pandemic, or because it’s the first season to take a hiatus and later return, but also because several pairs chose to leave. While this season is definitely unique, it’s not the first time that contestants have quit the race.

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While Season 33 is making history, many fans are wondering how many people have quit in the past. This year might be the first time multiple duos quit in one season, but it’s definitely not the first time that people have quit The Amazing Race. Here’s everyone who’s quit the series.

'The Amazing Race' Season 33
Source: CBS
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Marshall and Lance quit ‘The Amazing Race’ first in Season 5.

Marshall and Lance from 'The Amazing Race'
Source: CBS

The first pair of contestants to ever quit was Marshall and Lance in Season 5 of The Amazing Race. While quitting is always a bummer, this case is particularly sad because it was due to an injury.

Brothers Marshall and Lance were already far behind, but when Marshall had a knee injury early in the race, Lance made the executive decision to call it quits during the race’s sixth leg.

The next team to quit ‘The Amazing Race’ was Maria and Tiffany in Season 15.

Maria and Tiffany in 'Amazing Race'
Source: CBS

After Marshall and Lance, The Amazing Race continued on without any quitters for ten seasons. Professional poker players Maria and Tiffany were the only all-female team on their season, and that was to their detriment during a physically demanding detour. They decided to quit the task, and in doing so, quit the race by finishing last.

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In ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 22, Dave and Connor quit due to an injury.

Dave and Connor 'The Amazing Race'
Source: CBS

Father and son cancer survivors Dave & Connor were the next team to drop out of the race. Dave tore his Achilles tendon earlier in the race, so during the fifth leg, they made the decision to go right to the pit stop. There, they asked to be eliminated so that Dave could get surgery on his excruciating injury. However, the pair came back to compete again in Season 23.

DeAngelo and Gary are the most recent team to quit ‘The Amazing Race’ in Season 32.

DeAngelo and Gary from 'The Amazing Race'
Source: CBS

The most recent season of The Amazing Race, Season 32, evidently saw the most recent quitters as well. However, this situation was unique in that some teams formed an alliance in Season 32, which NFL players DeAngelo and Gary were a part of.

However, in the penultimate leg, their former allies shared the answer to a memory task with one another. So DeAngelo and Gary, now furious, decided to just take a penalty for not finishing, effectively quitting the race.

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Sometimes, ‘The Amazing Race’ quitters don’t always leave the show.

Another notable situation that didn’t directly result in elimination was when Nick and Vicki, a dating team from Season 17 of The Amazing Race, decided to quit a task. Nick’s temper and impatience paired with Vicki’s asthma made them a difficult team to watch as they stumbled through the race.

Nick and Vicki from 'The Amazing Race'
Source: CBS
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But when Vicki tried to push through a challenging roadblock, Nick opted to just nap and quit. They took a 6-hour penalty, which put them far enough to come in last, but it was a non-elimination round, so they lucked out. However, they were far enough behind in the next leg to (fairly) get eliminated and booted from the race.

While four pairs have officially quit The Amazing Race throughout the series’s previous 32 seasons, Season 33 will see more people quit than ever before due to the long hiatus and new COVID-19 developments. Who quits in this season and why? That’s still to be seen.

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