Hilarious Video Demonstrates How Men vs. Women Look for Things in the Fridge

A fun video from Australia's 'Wake up With Cliffo and Bronte' demonstrated the differences in how men and women look for things in refrigerators.


May 11 2023, Published 2:51 p.m. ET

In a hilarious video posted to TikTok, a woman demonstrates the differences in how men and women look for things in the fridge.

The challenge puts two men vs. two women to the test to locate an item in the refrigerator. (You probably already know where this is going.)

The lighthearted clip is clearly meant to be in good fun, so enjoy a laugh from this radio show in Queensland, Australia, called Wake up With Cliffo and Bronte.

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This funny video shows the differences in how men and women look for things in the refrigerator.

In the video, co-host Bronte asks four folks to find an onion-shaped Tupperware inside a mildly packed refrigerator.

Her boyfriend Dylan and her co-host Cliffo go first, followed by show producer Alicia and another staffer named Bec.

The video's caption reads: "Having a 'boy look' vs. having a 'girl look.'"

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First up is Dylan. He seems baffled at the different containers and no visible onion in plain sight. He pulls at a few things that are right in front of him, clearly not onions. ("Is that an onion?" Bronte asks him rhetorically at one point when he pulls out a random item.)

"You might just have to move one thing," Bronte hints for him.

Finally, Dylan moves a container of butter and finds the onion. His face lights up in triumph.

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Next up, Cliffo:

Cliffo goes into the competition with sheer confidence. After a look-see, he declares with even more confidence: "It's not in this fridge."

Cliffo insists that "without ripping out other people's lunches," there's no way he could find an onion in there.

"It's not in this fridge!" he exclaims. At one point during his search, he even jiggles one of the shelves a bit.

"You might have to move one thing," Bronte tells him, just like she hinted for Dylan before.

When that still doesn't work, she says, exasperated: "MOVE THE BUTTER."

Cliffo does as told and finds the onion. Flabbergasted, he says, "Who would put it..."

He can't even finish his sentence before he walks over to Dylan and declares, "I'm with Dylan! Who would put it there?"

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boy look vs girl look in refridgerator
Source: TikTok/@hitqldbreakfast

The losers of this challenge

Now it's the women's turn.

Alicia steps up to the plate. Bronte tells her: "Cliffo and Dylan couldn't find it, because they had 'boy looks,' and I think you can find it."

Alicia looks into the fridge and begins moving things aside.

"Oh it's there!" she says almost immediately, causing Bronte to gasp with delight and relief.

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Then there's Bec's turn. When Bronte asks if she can find the onion Tupperware container, Bec assuredly says yes.

Like an absolute queen, she IMMEDIATELY moves the butter over and finds the onion.

"This what you're looking for?" she asks with a smile.

We love to see it.

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Viewers on TikTok had a wonderful time with this video. Some of the comments included:

"This was validating and healing on multiple levels."

"Moves entire shelf but can't move the butter container lol."

"My momma used to say that's why God put their parts on the outside, so they could find it."

"Man scan is real."

"My husband says 'don't get up, just tell me where it is' — as if having that knowledge will make any difference."

In a follow-up clip that the radio show posted later, Alicia read some of the funny comments out loud. But as Cliffo tried to explain: "I just tried to do what I would normally do when looking for something in the fridge."

There you have it, folks!

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