Here's How You Can Get a Reading With Theresa Caputo, the 'Long Island Medium'

As it turns out, communicating with spirits is hard work, and a reading with Theresa might put you out a pretty penny depending on several factors.


Feb. 16 2021, Updated 4:11 p.m. ET

Long Island Medium star Theresa Caputo
Source: TLC

Following the success of TLC's reality series Long Island Medium which ran for 14 seasons, Teresa Caputo has a new show on Lifetime called Theresa Caputo Raising Spirits. The show will follow Theresa as she goes on tour and helps celebrities and average people alike communicate with spirits. The show is from the same production company that made Long Island Medium.

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Theresa is the self-proclaimed medium of Long Island, who claims that she can communicate with spirits who've passed to the other side. People from all walks of life are drawn to Theresa's "heartwarming and sometimes heartbreaking readings," which bring closure to many who have lost loved ones.

But how much does it cost to consult with Theresa and get a reading of your own with the Long Island Medium? Keep reading to find out.

How much does it cost to get a reading from the Long Island medium, Theresa Caputo?

As it turns out, communicating with spirits is hard work, and a reading with Theresa might put you out a pretty penny.

In 2014, Theresa said that her readings can cost anywhere between $50 and $175, depending on several factors like where the reading is held and whether it's an individual or group reading.

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And while that may seem like a large sum, it's for a good cause. According to Theresa, "all proceeds are donated to charity." "My clients make a donation directly to the charity I support each season," the medium disclaims on her website.

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Theresa has worked with a number of different charities over the years. “In the past, the Long Island Veterans Home through the Stonybrook Foundation and Meals on Wheels have been the recipients of all donations! It is my honor to help and bring awareness to local charities," she writes.

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To arrange a reading with the esteemed clairvoyant, you can fill out the contact form on her site, but make sure to read the disclaimer carefully. Theresa “was booked for two years before the show first aired, and in addition to that [she] had a very extended waiting list,” so proceed with caution.

While people who’ve reached out through email or the online form have been added to the waiting list, it still isn’t a guarantee that they will end up seeing Theresa. But there's a chance, as Theresa explains that the non-celebs featured on the show are mostly selected from the waiting list!

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If you can't catch her in a private session, Theresa is currently on a nationwide tour where she will share personal stories and show audiences how her psychic gifts work. While there isn't a guarantee that you'll get a reading by purchasing a ticket, there's a small chance that you may be one of the lucky audience members who get a reading in front of the audience during the show. Ticket prices range from $56–$102 and you can find them on her website.

One last way you may be able to snag a coveted meeting with Theresa is by entering the "Reading of a Lifetime" sweepstakes for a chance to receive a virtual session with the medium herself. The sweepstakes are in honor of the Raising Spirits series debut.

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As die-hard fans know, Theresa has always strived to balance her work as a medium with her family life. On Long Island Medium, we saw her and her now ex-husband Larry navigate their new lives after their divorce. Despite their divorce, Larry and Theresa remain friends and co-parent their two children, Victoria and Larry Jr.

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Speaking to Lifetime about her new show, Raising Spirits, Theresa said, "This show is gonna be really different than anything I've ever done before because you're gonna see a lot more of me, my life, my family... my crew... and the craziness that really happens on a day-to-day basis. But I still talk to dead people."

"We all were born to do special and amazing things here in the physical world. Be brave enough to do those," Theresa added.

Be sure to tune in to Raising Spirits on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. EST on Lifetime, and on streaming the next day.

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