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The reality series Long Island Medium starred Theresa Caputo, a medium who conducts private and group readings to help people communicate with their dead loved ones. Theresa's family is also featured on the show — her ex-husband Larry and their two children Larry Jr. and Victoria. The show was canceled in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Network: TLC

First Episode Date: September 25, 2011


Where to Watch: Discovery Plus

Latest Long Island Medium News and Updates

  • Victoria and Theresa Caputo

    Victoria Caputo Married Michael Mastrandrea in a Lavish New York Ceremony

    Theresa Caputo's daughter, Victoria Caputo, has finally married her long-term fiancé, but who exactly is he? Details on her new husband.
    By Chris Barilla
  • Theresa Caputo

    Theresa Caputo Has a New Man, but She's Keeping Him out of the Public Eye

    'Long Island Medium' star Theresa Caputo is back in the dating game. So, who is the medium seeing? We have all the details below!
    By Katie Garrity
  • Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo

    Theresa Caputo Is Doing Well Almost 3 Years After Her Breast Cancer Scare

    Theresa Caputo's breast cancer scare on 'Long Island Medium' still makes the reality star emotional.
    By Allison Cacich
  • Larry and Theresa Caputo

    Theresa Caputo Still Loves Her Ex-Husband, Larry — but Only as a Friend

    Is Long Island Medium back with her husband? Theresa gave several interviews emphasizing just how special their relationship was. Will they reunite?
    By Leila Kozma
  • Long Island Medium daughter Victoria

    Victoria Caputo's Wedding Is Shaping up to Be an Elegant Affair

    Victoria Caputo's picked out her wedding grown on TLC's "Say Yes to the Dress."
    By Michelle Stein
  • Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo

    Is 'Long Island Medium' Theresa Caputo Speaking to the Dead, or Is She Just a Good Talker?

    Is the 'Long Island Medium' star Theresa Caputo a fake? Everything you need to know.
    By Gabrielle Bernardini
  • Victoria and Theresa Caputo

    Victoria Caputo Is Not on 'Long Island Medium' Anymore But You Can Still Follow Her on Instagram

    Get all the details on the ‘Long Island Medium’’s daughter Victoria — from her "weight gain" to her Instagram.
    By Gabrielle Bernardini
  • Larry Caputo of Long Island Medium

    'Long Island Medium' Star Larry Caputo Has a New Girlfriend — But What About Theresa?

    Does 'Long Island Medium' Theresa Caputo's husband have a new girlfriend? Here's an update on Larry Caputo today.
    By Anna Quintana
  • Theresa Caputo of Long Island Medium

    Did the Long Island Medium Get Divorced? Here's What She and Larry Are Up to Now

    Is the Long Island Medium divorced? Inside Theresa Caputo's relationship status, and if she and Larry ended up going through with their divorce.
    By Shannon Raphael
  • Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo

    Why Was 'Long Island Medium' Theresa Caputo's Son Larry in the Hospital?

    Why was ‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo's son in the hospital? We break down everything we know about the incident so far.
    By Brittany Vincent
  • Long Island Medium star Larry Caputo

    Larry Caputo's Life After Divorcing the 'Long Island Medium' Includes a New Girlfriend

    Who is Larry Caputo dating after divorcing the 'Long Island Medium'? The former reality star is opening up about the new love in his life.
    By Shannon Raphael
  • Long Island Medium star Victoria Caputo

    'Long Island Medium' Star Victoria Caputo Got Her Wedding Dress at Kleinfeld Bridal

    Victoria Caputo's wedding is coming up. Here's everything we know about her marriage to Michael Mastrandrea. Keep reading for more!
    By Robin Zlotnick
  • Long Island Medium star Theresa Caputo

    Here's How You Can Get a Reading with the 'Long Island Medium'

    Fans of Theresa Caputo, known to most as the star of TLC's 'Long Island Medium' have been watching her with bated breath for the past 14 seasons. But how much does it cost to get a reading with America's most famous medium? Keep reading to find out.
    By Pippa Raga
  • Long Island Medium Weight loss

    Three Years After Her Divorce, 'Long Island Medium' Star Theresa Caputo Has a New Man in Her Life

    Years after 'Long Island Medium' star Theresa Caputo started her weight loss journey, we're taking a look back at her dramatic transformation.
    By Pretty Honore
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