Swatch from 'Project Runway' Is the Cutest Part of the Show and the Best Mascot

Kori Williams - Author

Feb. 3 2022, Published 5:28 p.m. ET

Fans of Project Runway have been watching the show for years and for good reason. Not only do the challenges and designers look more impressive with each new season, but there's always something new and unexpected to captivate our attention. The tasks presented to these hopeful winners seem impossible and we all want to see how any of them can be completed.

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But now, the designers and all their creations will have to take a backseat to the true star of the show: Swatch. That's right, Swatch the Boston Terrier is basically the mascot of Mood Fabrics where all creatives on the series have gotten their textile needs met for years. But lately, Swatch seems to have been missing from Project Runway and fans have some concerns.

How old is Swatch on 'Project Runway'?

According to an interview that Swatch's owner, Eric Sauma, did with Design Milk, the Boston Terrier is currently 14 years old. He turns 15 in July of this year. Eric said that Swatch basically chose him when he went to the pet store, and more or less assigned himself as the mascot of Mood.

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Swatch from 'Project Runway'
Source: Mood Fabrics

Since Swatch is so popular, it makes sense that he's the most expensive option in Mood Fabrics. On the store's website, he's "on sale" for $1,080,962.96 per yard. "Now you can purchase your very own, non-returnable, real live Swatch," says the description. "He has a profound love of fabric and beef jerky, and has made it his personal mission to bring a swift death to all squeaky toys, of which he requires a minimum of 13 present at all times."

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But of course, Swatch isn't actually on sale. You can't even choose to buy him because he's always "Sold Out" and there's even a notice at the bottom of product preview. "Ummm....did you think this was real? We kid, we kid! No way we're parting with this little nugget! #sorrynotsorry"

That said, you can still get a little piece of the Boston Terrier for yourself. Mood Fabrics does sell Swatch merch on its site!

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Why hasn't Swatch been seen on 'Project Runway' lately? Is he still alive?

Some fans have been worried about Swatch since he hasn't been seen much on Project Runway these days, but we have no cause to believe that he's passed away. Nothing concerning has been announced on Mood Fabrics' Instagram or on Swatch's own account, which we definitely think would be updated with that kind of information.

Most recently, Swatch was featured on Christmas merch for Mood Fabrics. On a Dec. 11, 2021 Instagram post announcing a Swatch holiday shirt, a fan asked if the little guy was OK. Mood Fabrics replied saying that he hasn't been in the store very much since the pandemic hit and spends his days mostly with his grandparents. After all, he's getting up there in dog years and we have to imagine he'd prefer to stay cozy at home.

Catch the Season 19 finale of Project Runway when it airs on Thursday, Feb 3. at 9 p.m. on Bravo, or stream it the next day for free on Peacock.

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