Money Is a Big Factor in a Successful Presidential Campaign in 'BitLife'

In 'BitLife,' players can achieve almost anything — including their dream to become president. Here's how to run a successful campaign in the game.

Sara Belcher - Author

May 27 2021, Published 5:03 p.m. ET

Source: BitLife

In the popular mobile life-sim game BitLife, you can really be anything. With the option to pursue almost any career and live in any country in the world, this text-based choice game offers creative ways to live out almost any dream.

If you create a character who lives in a democratic country, you have the option to run for president or prime minister in the game. Here's how to become president in BitLife.

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How to become president in 'BitLife.'

While some of our former presidents have managed to make it to the White House without ever having run for a lower position in office, thankfully, that's not the case in BitLife. There's a recommended route of action players can take to achieve a position in the Oval Office that will increase your chances of success, though it's still not guaranteed. As with all life paths in BitLife, the final result is very dependent on the choices you make throughout the game.

Governor campaign in 'BitLfe'
Source: BitLife
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To set yourself up for success, it's recommended you attend school for political science and become a lawyer before attempting to run for office. Of course, doing this increases your chances, as you'll have a political background and be a more likable candidate to vote for.

Once you've achieved this, you can then begin your run for office. You can either start by running for mayor or running for the local school board, both of which are entry-level political positions.

Regardless, you will need to serve one term as mayor before you can run for any higher position. Once you've served as mayor, you can then begin a campaign for governor. Winning this election will further increase your chances of running a successful campaign for president.

As you continue to land office positions, you'll be able to monitor your fame. Be sure to keep your fame decently high to increase your likability and chances of securing the presidency.

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Presidential campaign results in 'BitLife'
Source: BitLife

Once you feel as though you have enough experience in politics, you can then run your campaign for president. Again, this will be a tough race, and your reputation and fame will influence its outcome.

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Becoming president or prime minister relies heavily on wealth and luck.

Just like in the real world, running a successful campaign for office requires a fair amount of money and a little bit of luck. There's a recommended amount you should have for each political position before running, as you have to fund your campaigns yourself.

If you plan to run for the school board, it's recommended you have at least $20,000 saved to spend on your campaign. For a mayoral run, a player should have $200,000.

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A campaign for governor will easily cost you $500,000, while a presidential campaign will cost upward of $1 million. This is why it's recommended you attend law school and become a lawyer before pursuing your runs for office, since that's an easy way in the game to accumulate money.

You can take time off in between political positions to save money if necessary, but note that if you take too much time off, you might lose your fame and be unable to run a successful campaign.

Even with the appropriate funds, these campaigns are still partially dependent on luck. Even if you feel as though you made all of the correct decisions while running, it's possible that you might not win the election. You can always try again if you fail or begin again by creating a new character.

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