Here's How to Earn the Arranged Marriage Achievement in 'BitLife'

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May 5 2021, Published 7:32 p.m. ET

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The text-based life simulator game BitLife has become increasingly popular. The game, which is currently available for mobile, allows endless opportunities for players to choose various life paths. Whether you're looking to live a life of crime and join the mafia or hoping to become BitLife royalty, you can play out almost any scenario easily in the game.

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One of the achievements players can earn is the Arranged Marriage achievement. To complete this, players need to have a character enter an arranged marriage. Here's how to enter an arranged marriage in BitLife, and what to do if you're not satisfied with who your parents select to marry.

Arranged marriage in 'BitLife'
Source: BitLife
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What countries allow for an arranged marriage in 'BitLife'?

If you're looking to set your character up with an arranged marriage in BitLife, the easiest way to ensure that this happens is to select your character to be born into either India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Japan, Iran, China, or Saudi Arabia. There are plenty of other countries where you might receive an arranged marriage proposal from your family, depending on if your character is a first-generation immigrant, though these are the countries that have the highest probability.

By playing as a character in any of these countries, you can anticipate that no matter what life path you choose to take, at some point your parents will set up an arranged marriage proposal for you. You do not have to do anything special to have this choice brought upon your character, regardless of their current relationship status or sexuality.

Usually, relationships with a character your parents proposed to you start out very low, and you'll have to work hard to build it after being married.

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Can you reject an arranged marriage in 'BitLife'?

While you might choose for your character to be born into a country where their parents might arrange for you to be married to someone, you do have the option to reject the match your in-game parents present you with.

Rejecting this arranged marriage, though, might not always be the best option for your character, depending on your end goal. Rejecting an arranged marriage will decrease your relationship with your parents in the game, and multiple rejections will only further hurt it.

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No matter why you reject the first person your parents arrange for you to marry in the game, it's possible your parents will continue to propose you marry the same person. You have the option this time whether or not to marry their chosen partner, though continuous rejection will not help your relationship with your parents.

If you choose to marry the person your parents to you, you always have the option to divorce them later down the line.

If your character is seeing someone else at the time that your parents propose an arranged marriage, you also have the option to interrupt the marriage ceremony and wed another character. This, of course, would also hurt your relationship with your parents, so it's best to weigh your options before making the decision.

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