To Join the 'BitLife' Mafia, Your Character Has to Live a Life of Crime

Sara Belcher - Author

Apr. 27 2021, Updated 8:43 p.m. ET

Source: BitLife

The popular mobile game BitLife offers more than your average life simulation game. Players can dictate the choices their characters make, shaping their character and career paths, and there are endless possibilities for players to navigate. Whether you want your character to be a model citizen and become successful, or you want them to live a life of crime, BitLife allows a variety of gameplay experiences.

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If you want your character to take an unsavory life path, you might consider aspiring to become a member of the mafia. Luckily, BitLife allows players to choose that as a potential career choice — but it's a lifelong commitment to get there. Here's how to join the mafia in BitLife.

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Source: BitLife via Twitter
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You have to commit petty crimes before you're 18 to join the mafia.

If your current BitLife character hasn't already been committing crimes before they're an adult, then your character's chances of joining the mafia are slim. Starting at the age of 8, your character can commit small crimes like pickpocketing, shoplifting, and miscellaneous mischief. The severity of crimes your character can commit only goes up as you become older and successfully commit the crimes.

Your character needs to have also committed these crimes without getting caught, as you might not be accepted to the mafia if you're not a good criminal. Once your character becomes more skilled at committing crimes, you'll receive the option to steal cars at 16 (if you've received your license, of course), and at 18, you'll be able to commit bank robberies.

Continue committing these crimes, both big and petty, until you've become a decently successful criminal.

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Once you're 18, you'll have the option to join one of the mafias.

Once your character turns 18, you'll have the option to join one of the six mafia factions available in the game. To select a faction, go to "Occupations," then select "Special Careers" and choose "Organized Crime." From here, you'll be able to select between the Irish Mob, the Mafia, the Latin Mafia, the Triad, the Yazuka, and the Russian Mob.

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Once you've selected a faction for your character, you can then select a family of that mafia faction to join. Remember, every family has different notoriety, depending on how well-known they are for committing crimes, so you might not be accepted into the family of your choosing on the first try. If you cannot join your preferred family right away, you can either try a different family or commit more crimes to increase your skill as a criminal until you're accepted.

If you're struggling to commit the crimes, or you're not happy with your character's reputation as a criminal, it might be best to create an entirely new character and begin again. If you happen to find yourself in prison, you can really impress the mafia families by successfully escaping — though if you struggle to commit small petty crimes, this might not be the best option for you.

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