How to Catch the Greater and Lesser Cocomites in 'Bugsnax'

The Greater and Lesser Cocomites in 'Bugsnax' are a bit difficult to obtain, but here are some tricks to catch both of these critters in the game.

Sara Belcher - Author

May 17 2022, Published 10:58 p.m. ET

Cocomite Husk in 'Bugsnax'
Source: Young Horses

The adorable (yet slightly unsettling) Young Horses-developed game Bugsnax has finally made its way to most consoles, bringing the snak-grabbing journalistic adventure to even more players than ever before.

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In Bugsnax, you're tasked with catching a variety of different bug/food-hybrid critters that roam Snaktooth Island — but most of them aren't so easy to snag. The Greater and Lesser Cocomites are only two of the bugsnax you'll meet on your journey. Here's how to catch them.

Greater Cocomite in 'Bugsnax'
Source: Young Horses
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Players will find the Cocomites in 'Bugsnax' at the Boiling Bay.

Thankfully, you can find both the Greater Cocomite and the Lesser Cocomite in the same biome: at the Boiling Bay. Both of the bugsnax tend to hide up in palm trees, so if you're looking to catch them, you'll have to locate them and coax them down to the ground.

Here's how to catch the Cocomites in 'Bugsnax.'

Both the Greater Cocomite and the Lesser Cocomite will initially be conjoined into one coconut-like critter, located at the top of a palm tree in the Boiling Bay. To get it down, you can either snag it with your Snak Grappler or hit the tree to knock it down.

If you choose to grab it with the Snak Grappler, the Cocomites will stay in a ball in your hand. To catch them, you have to first break open the coconut to reveal the two bugsnax.

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There are a variety of ways you can do this, either by throwing it on the ground or having another aggressive bugsnak run into it, but you won't be able to catch either bugsnak until you break the two halves apart.

The Lesser Cocomite is the easier of the two to catch. All you have to do is lure it near your Snak Trap with chocolate (its favorite food) and close the trap on it. However, the Greater Cocomite is harder to catch.

To catch the Greater Cocomite, you'll have to knock it over with your Trip Shot. Again, you can lure the creature with chocolate toward your line, and once it's dizzy, you can use the net to catch it.

Once this is done, you will have collected both of the bugsnax. Despite their aggressive nature, they'll mostly stay out of your way until you knock them out of the palm trees.

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