The Dinosaur Effect on TikTok Can Transform Your Yard Into 'Jurassic Park'

TikTok users are loving the dinosaur effect filter, which makes it look like dinosaurs are grazing outside in your yard, but how do you do it?

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Mar. 11 2021, Published 1:46 p.m. ET

Source: TikTok

If you ask most parents, they'll agree that TikTok isn't really the best place for kids. But when it comes to the dinosaur effect filter, there is finally something kid-appropriate that little dinosaur lovers can enjoy on an app on which content can range from G-rated to very adult. But if you've never used the filter and have only seen videos with it, you may be wondering how it even works.

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The dinosaur filter is meant to be used to look outside your windows and see a field of dinosaurs grazing in your yard. Or, depending on where you aim your phone's camera, in your neighborhood or the nearest city block. Most kids will get a kick out of it and some will feel just a tad cooler because you finally let them use TikTok, if only to see the effect this particular filter has on their world.

tiktok dinosaur filter
Source: TikTok
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How do you do the dinosaur effect on TikTok?

Unfortunately, some users on TikTok have reported that the dinosaur effect in question is not available in every country, and this includes the United States. Otherwise, you can find it under the "futuristic effects" option in the effects section of TikTok. Once there, it's called "dinosaur world effect." Those who can't see the filter, or effect, in the typical section on TikTok also can't see the usual icon on videos that use it.

If you do have access to "dinosaur world," though, then all you have to do is save it to your favorites and then make a video with it, which you can then upload to TikTok. Those who don't have access to this particular filter, though, will have to make do with watching others' shockingly realistic videos on the platform.

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The dinosaur effect is a TikTok filter that's actually perfect for kids.

To be fair, there are other filters that can make the app fun for kids to use. But, depending on their age, you might want to monitor their scrolling. You can be on the adorable puppy side of TikTok one minute and end up on true crime TikTok with just a few swipes. The dinosaur filter will bewilder younger kids and older ones can have fun using it themselves.

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You can also put parental locks on your kid's TikTok account, though. All you have to do is go to "settings and privacy." From there, press "digital wellbeing," and then you'll have the option to manage your kid's screen time on the app as well as initiate a restricted mode. You can also pair your kid's account to your own by pressing "family pairing" in the "settings and privacy" section.

Technically speaking, TikTok is designed for kids and adults ages 13 and over. Yes, we all know not everyone always abides by that. But even then, you might want to use your own best judgment to determine if your kid can handle any potential mature content that may come his or her way.

The dinosaur effect on TikTok is as innocent as they come, though.

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