TikTok Pranks Being Played on Parents
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Parents: Have You Fallen for Any of These Top TikTok Pranks?



It's no secret that TikTok is an absolute prankster's paradise. It's also a haven for anyone looking for innovative ways to surprise and torment their loved ones during quarantine — or any old time, for that matter.

Picture the Ellen clips of people going through a haunted house. They're all having the same experience, but their reactions are completely different, and often hilarious.

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Maybe that's what makes TikTok pranks one of the most popular things the internet has to offer these days. But in the special niche for pranking parents, unlike people willingly walking into a haunted house, these folks have no idea what's coming.

Here are some of the most popular TikTok pranks on parents out there.

1. The airhorn

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Every parent has a favorite chair. It's a known fact. As the name implies, this prank involves hiding an airhorn on your mom or dad's favorite seat, whoopie cushion style, and waiting for them to park it. The resulting reactions speak for themselves, and we really just can't with the mom whose cereal and milk goes flying.

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2. The taped door

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This one is simple but unexpected, time after time. It involves putting a piece of clear packing tape across a frequently traveled entryway and waiting for one of your parents to pass through. Essentially, you're roping off an area, but the prank victim can't see the rope. It's one trap they literally walk right into.

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3. The new tattoo

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Parents are royally freaked out by this prank, especially the younger their kids are. It involves crafting a very real-looking fake tattoo out (that doesn't wash off easily). The pranksters print a design (the larger, the better), then spray the paper heavily with perfume, dunk it in water for a few minutes, then spray again, and apply. The more traditional the parents are, the "better" the reaction.

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4. The missing phone

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The deal with this one is that the prankster pretends their phone is missing — which every parent hates, because it's an expensive purchase and "you should be more responsible" — and places it somewhere outside. They get mom or dad involved in a frantic search, head outside to sneakily retrieve the phone, and call whoever's helping them with the hunt to reiterate that they can't find the phone. The goal is to see how long it takes for them to realize they're being called from the "missing phone" they're busy searching for.

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5. The reappearing counter items

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This prank involves hiding underneath a countertop or someplace nearby when a parent is cleaning the kitchen, and making objects mysteriously appear right after the area has been cleaned. Picture a nearly clean countertop and a satisfied mom who turns around to see an empty cup on the previously clean counter. Now picture that happening three or more times before the parent catches on. 

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As you can see, there are many ways to prank your unsuspecting parents. But there's absolutely no guarantee that they won't try and get you back. Parents are catching on and even surpassing their kids' skills when it comes to TikTok pranks.

So be on guard, and we'll be on the lookout for future pranks!

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