The 3D Photo Trend on TikTok Makes Your Instagram Photos Look More Realistic

The 3D photo trend is currently taking over TikTok, and there's just one app you need to download to take part in the trend yourself.


May 24 2021, Published 10:16 a.m. ET

The photos on your phone may be more vivid than ever, but they still don't totally capture the moment when they were taken. Thanks to a new trend on TikTok, though, some users are making those photos look more three-dimensional than ever before. Now, other users are eager to get in on the trend and learn how to do the 3D photo trend on TikTok

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Here's how to do the 3D photo trend on TikTok.

Although some people who saw the 3D photo trend thought that the photos were a new iPhone effect, the truth is that they were actually created in a separate app. The app, which is called CapCut, is already a popular app for users who make videos on TikTok. 

Once you've downloaded CapCut, open the app and upload 11 photos to your timeline. Then, go to Style and add a 3D zoom effect to all of your photos. 

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That should give your photos the 3D effect. Now all you need to do is transform them into a video for TikTok. Take the first four photos you want to highlight and make each of them .5 seconds. Then, take the remaining seven and make them .3 seconds each. After this, press finish, and you should have a photo montage of 3D images to post to TikTok

CapCut is owned by ByteDance.

ByteDance, the company that owns TikTok, also owns CapCut, the popular video editing app that has launched several trends like the 3D photo trend. In addition to the 3D photo effect, the app also allows users to edit their videos and add other effects in a way that is fairly intuitive. 

For regular TikTok posters, CapCut has become a must-have app that provides many of the effects that are most common on TikTok. 

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The app is free, but it's more than enough for most TikTok users. Even some of the world's biggest influencers use it at least sometimes to take part in trends that are sweeping across the platform. The 3D photo trend is just one example of how ByteDance has created an entire social media ecosystem by providing users with the tools they need to upload videos to TikTok, which they also own. 

Source: TikTok
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CapCut is now on top of the App Store.

Thanks in part to the trends on TikTok, CapCut is the latest app to sit atop the Apple App Store top 10. Although it may seem strange to see an app that's main purpose is utility sitting atop the App Store, its surge in popularity is likely a result of the number of people who are also downloading and posting to TikTok more regularly than they once did. 

CapCut may not give users much enjoyment on its own, but when combined with TikTok, it creates a powerful network of apps that work together seamlessly, and even fuel trends. TikTok is the main event, but ByteDance is smart enough to leverage the widespread adoption of that app into other popular apps. 

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