TikTok's "Beta Has Expired" Error Message Can Go Away With a Simple Fix

TikTok's "Beta Has Expired" error message has become a hot topic for creators, but it's something that can easily be fixed. Details inside.

Tatayana Yomary - Author

May 21 2021, Published 1:33 p.m. ET

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When it comes to TikTok, the short-form video app tends to stand out for a variety of reasons. Not only can creators get hip on the latest and greatest of trends, but it also serves as a hub of information across various topics. However, one of the biggest perks of TikTok is that the app hardly experiences any glitches in their system.

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It’s true that there have been small issues like not being able to find profiles or publish videos, but app developers have been able to nip things in the bud pretty quickly. And since the "beta has expired" error message has been plaguing the app, creators are wondering what’s going on and how to fix it.

Luckily, nothing is ever too complicated in the TikTok world. Read on to learn what the "beta has expired" error message really means.

TikTok’s "beta has expired" error message simply means that you’re in need of an upgrade.

No matter which social media app you prefer, it feels good knowing that developers are always working to maximize the user experience. That may be by creating new features for your respective app or simply making it a point to fix any bugs lingering around.

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Most creators chalked up the "beta has expired" message to nothing more than a glitch in the system. But, in fact, seeing this message means that there is a bit of work you need to do.

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HashtagHyena reports that seeing the "beta has expired" error message simply means that you’re currently working with an older version of the app. And it’s something that can easily happen to any of us.

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Think about it: With so many notifications that come across your smartphone, it can be hard to keep up. With that being said, making sure to keep your TikTok app regularly updated can help keep any issues like this at bay. After all, software changes all the time — especially in the app world.

Fixing the "beta has expired" error message is super simple.

Now that you know what the "beta has expired" error message is all about, it’s time to take some action. 

HashtagHyena reports that the error message only requires a simple fix. All you have to do is uninstall and delete the app. Next, re-download the newest version of the TikTok app from the app store.

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Once complete, sign in to your account. Now, the "beta has expired" error message should officially be a thing of the past.

Keep in mind, if you currently have any videos in your draft on the app when the error message pops up, chances are you may lose your work during the re-download. Hence why it’s important to always have backups of your work.

While TikTok works pretty smoothly, glitches can always happen. No social media app is perfect. So, take the time to always download the new versions of TikTok and any other app and you’ll be in a good place.

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