TikTok Users Are Freaking out About Their FYP Feeds Not Working

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Nov. 12 2021, Updated 7:00 p.m. ET

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For some, the idea of TikTok ever being down is unthinkable. Where else can you get videos of true crime facts followed by clips of adorable laughing babies right after? Part of the reason why you see such videos has to do with the FYP feature on TikTok, or the "For You Page," which is an algorithm that determines the videos you would most like to see in your endless scroll.

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So when it appeared that the FYP part of TikTok wasn't working properly, some users were confused. And, honestly, they were concerned too. Part of the allure of the app is being able to see videos that interest you while weeding out other videos that you'd rather not see. But is the FYP actually down for good?

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The FYP has had a common glitch recently.

Since March 2021, TikTok users have noticed a common glitch in the app, and they hurried to the internet to report that TikTok was down because, as they shared on other social media sites, they weren't seeing typical content in their FYP feeds. Instead, they were seeing videos that already had hundreds of thousands of likes and accounts that belonged to verified users.

Typically, you'll see a mixed bag of viral content and newer videos that were posted moments before you opened the app. And most users prefer TikTok that way. So when users reported their FYP feeds being full of content that had never been of interest to them, it sent the rest of TikTok into a tailspin, and many demanded to know what was going on.

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While users never quite got their answers, it appears many FYPs have since been fixed, though some still find it glitches and seems to reset itself. It's unclear exactly what causes this glitch or if there will be a permanent fix implemented.

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How do you fix a broken FYP?

If you're continuously finding that your FYP is glitching or will not load new videos, there are a couple of things you can do to attempt to fix it. You can start by closing out of the app and seeing if that resolves the issue. Sometimes restarting the app is all you need to get it to work again.

Another potential solution is to sign out of the app and sign back in. For some, this method works and will reset the issues with your For You Page.

Another possible solution, if you're still having issues, is to check your internet connection on your phone to ensure you have a stable connection. If you've done all of these simple tricks and your app is still having issues, then it's likely that TikTok is experiencing a larger issue, and there isn't much you do to resolve it until the developers make the necessary fixes, unfortunately.

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Source: Twitter

Why do users use the hashtag #FYP on some TikTok videos?

A user's FYP feed on TikTok is reliant on which videos they engage with through comments, likes, or saved videos. Once they do that, the mysterious algorithm behind the FYP feature and TikTok as a whole will choose other similar videos based on those to give each user a specific feed to their liking. This creates the never-ending feed that keeps all of us up at night well past our respective bedtimes.

When users use #FYP as a hashtag on their videos or add #ForYouPage in the caption, it's their attempt to appear in someone's feed. There's no evidence of these sorts of hashtags or captions actually working, but as long as the app has been around, it's been a thing among users.

The algorithm used on the app is almost as mysterious as most people's fascination with it. Hopefully, things go back to normal so everyone can get back to their regularly scheduled FYPs.

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