This TikTok Creator Made a Thanksgiving "Turkey" out of Bread and We're Obsessed

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Nov. 9 2021, Published 6:50 p.m. ET

Baking sourdough bread became a popular activity during the early days of the pandemic. While the hobby was short-lived for some, others really honed the craft.

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One TikTok user, who goes by @cottageloaves, has really taken sourdough bread baking to the next level. In fact, she found a tasteful way to style her loaves for the holidays. While bread is arguably delicious in any shape or form, we’re obsessed with her adorable and very Instagrammable Thanksgiving-themed bread. Keep scrolling to see her “turkey” loaf — which is vegetarian, vegan, and a must-bake for all bread enthusiasts.

Sourdough bread
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This viral TikTok shows a delicious Thanksgiving turkey made entirely from bread.

Creator @cottageloaves posted a video on TikTok to showcase her Thanksgiving-inspired bread creation. In the video, which has over nine million views, she shows off her "turkey" loaf, which is a bread loaf molded into the shape of a turkey. At the beginning of the video, she lays out the dough in the shape of a turkey, making sure to cut off the sides in order to form the turkey's body parts.

Then after seasoning and baking the loaf, she shows off the finished project, which looks nearly identical to the traditional Thanksgiving turkey. To further complement it, she places it on a platter tray adorned with cornucopia. "'Turkey' loaf! Dibs on the drumstick," she wrote in the caption, adding the hashtags #Breadtok and #VeganTurkey to her post.

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"I just love this!! It's cute and clever," one user wrote in the comments. Another said: "No turkeys were harmed in the making of this film." Some users even asked @cottageloaves for the recipe.

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Meanwhile, other folks seemed disappointed that she made a turkey from bread and made it appear as if it was a real one. "You call it vegan turkey, most people just call it bread," one user teased.

While turkey lovers may prefer a real turkey on Thanksgiving Day, many failed to see how genius her idea was. Not only can bread-lovers enjoy her creation, but her video was also very resourceful for those who don't eat meat but still want to partake in having some type of "turkey" for the holiday.

Here's how to make a "turkey" bread loaf:

While @cottageloaves did not include the recipe on TikTok, she did write it out on Instagram. In the post below, she explains how to make the wings and drumsticks from the dough. Furthermore, she explains that she sprinkled a mix of paprika and cocoa powder over her loaf to give it that golden brown look. After baking it, she also basted the bread in olive oil to give it that turkey-day shine.

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In her Instagram story highlights, @cottageloaves also has a section labeled "Bread Recipe," where she goes into detail about the exact ingredients needed to make the dough.

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TikToker @cottageloaves makes special bread creations for every holiday.

Turkey loaves aren't @cottageloaves's only specialty. Scroll through her Instagram or TikTok profile and you'll notice that she's pretty crafty when it comes to baking bread loaves. During December 2020, she baked up an adorable Santa Claus loaf. She's also made a bird's nest loaf, a flower headdress loaf, a pumpkin loaf, and more.

Source: TikTok

Interested in making your own specialty bread loaf? You can find @cottageloaves on both TikTok and Instagram. You can also search the hashtags #Breadtok for more carby creations — or #VeganTurkey for meat-free Thanksgiving dinner ideas.

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