The Step 1 Trend Is Viral on TikTok –– Here's How to Do It and How It's Being Used

Stephanie Harper - Author

Aug. 26 2022, Published 2:54 p.m. ET

With so many viral trends on TikTok all the time, sometimes it’s difficult to keep track. Hopping onto viral trends as soon as they become popular is one of the smartest ways to grow your profile and gain followers.

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The "step 1" trend is incredibly popular right now since it gives TikTokers a chance to share some thoughtful advice. Several people who have tried to "step 1" trend have pulled in thousands of views and likes so far. Here’s how you can do it too.

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Here’s how to do the "step 1" trend on TikTok.

The "step 1" trend on Tik Tok is actually a lot easier than most people might realize. All you have to do is add a photo or a video of yourself for one second at the start of your video using the correct trending sound in the background. The sound says the words “step one" in a deep, booming tone.

The actual sound is called “Step 1 remix by sleazy world go” and it was created by a user named @Arzinho10. Right after your one-second video or picture is added, you can edit in a video collage of whatever topic you want to cover.

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In @Arzinho10’s original video, “step 1” would be treating the person you’re dating in the right way. The video collage includes a late-night drive, a shopping trip, a public transit window, and a gorgeous apartment view.

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In another video posted by a user named @SwirlyAdrian1, "step 1" would be graduating on time. The TikToker added an on-screen caption that says, “Graduate. Don’t mess up and sit out while your friends [are] graduating.” In the video, the user is sitting in the stands and panning over the seats where classmates would soon be walking the stage.

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Users are sharing all kinds of advice with the "step 1" trend on TikTok.

Another TikToker named @Stipo_Sandrk posted a video stating that his "step 1" would be nurturing his friendships instead of prioritizing a relationship. The on-screen text on his video says, “Don’t leave your boys for a girl.” He added a montage of photos of himself spending time with his friends playing basketball, eating fast food, and traveling together.

The "step 1" trend allows people space to express themselves and share advice with others about making their circumstances better.

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