Want to Get a Metal Coat in ‘Pokémon GO’? Good Luck

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Oct. 12 2021, Published 10:57 p.m. ET

Pokémon games are known for their unforgiving and notorious grind factor. If you've ever tried to acquire a shiny pocket monster, for example, then you'll understand the struggle all too well.

Pokémon GO might be a "casual" game in that it was developed specifically for mobile platforms, but it retains that same level of brutal repetition in order for gamers to acquire some of the title's more esoteric goodies. Just take the metal coat in the game, for example — how does a person even go about getting one of those?

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Here's how to get a metal coat in 'Pokémon GO.'

Your best shot at getting a metal coat in Pokémon GO is by "spinning" at Pokéstops and Gyms. You'll probably have to spend a good amount of time trying your luck at these locations as there's only a 1 percent chance of getting a metal coat drop per spin. So just like in true Pokémon item drop and random encounter fashion, you're going to have to put in some work in order to secure the metal coat.

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There are other rare items that you can get from these spins, however, like objects that'll aid in evolving a Pokémon. However, these come with the same frequency rate as a metal coat, so if you're hoping for one of those, then buckle up because you're in for a grind.

Since there are over 250 different Pokéstops in the game, there's a really good chance that you'll be able to secure a metal coat for yourself, so keep on frequenting those Pokéstops and gyms!

Since there are only four other items that you can possibly get from these stops and gyms, as long as you're consistent, you'll have a decent shot at nabbing the metal coat.

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What's the metal coat used for in 'Pokémon GO'?

Obviously, if you're looking to get one, then there's a good chance you know what it's used for, but just in case you don't, this nifty little item is used to either evolve Onix into Steelix or Scyther into Scizor. While Steelix has some defensive concessions when compared to their all-rock counterpart, the consensus among Pokémaniacs is that Steelix's wider array of offensive options makes evolution a logical choice.

The choice between Scyther and Scizor is a little more CLEAR CUT (heh) with tons of folks saying that Scizor's DPS potential makes the Pokémon a way bigger threat and all-around better choice in battle.

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Source: Twitter / @PonzaLT

There are a few other evolutionary items in 'Pokémon GO' to look out for.

You can attain many of these items through the same methodology in obtaining the metal coat. The following are listed below along with the Pokémon they help evolve.

  • King's Rock: Poliwhirl into Politoed; Slowpoke into Slowking
  • Dragon Scale: Seadra into Kingdra
  • Sun Stone: Gloom into Bellossom; Sunkern into Sunflora
  • Upgrade: Porgyon (along with 50 Porygon candy) to Porygon2
  • Sinnoh Stone: Turns various Pokémon into Gen 4 versions.
  • Unova Stone: (Used in conjunction with candy) Simisage, Simisear, Simipour, Musharna, Cinccino, Eelektross, Chandelure.
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Source: Twitter / @HeHeDory

How's your Pokémon GO Pokédex looking these days? Hopefully, you'll be able to bolster it a bit once you get your hands on some of these evolutionary items!

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