This 'Overwatch 2' Bug Could Prevent You From Getting Competitive Points

To get Competitive Points in 'Overwatch 2,' you'll first need to unlock Competitive Play. Here's how to rack up as many points as possible.

Sara Belcher - Author

Oct. 13 2022, Published 2:09 p.m. ET

'Overwatch 2'
Source: Blizzard

Though the long-awaited and somewhat controversial Overwatch 2 has officially launched, even seasoned players are struggling to get the hang of the game's new ranking system.

The new game bares some striking resemblances to the original title, though certain heroes, like Bastion, have temporarily been removed as the developers work through a host of bugs.

Competitive Points are needed to unlock certain rewards in the game, but how do you get those? Here's what to know.

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You'll have to unlock Competitive Play first.

If you're new to the Overwatch franchise, or you're one of the many players who encountered some unfortunate bugs when merging your Overwatch account with your Overwatch 2 profile, you'll first have to unlock Competitive Play before you can earn any Competitive Points. When playing with friends in Overwatch 2, if even one player hasn't unlocked Competitive Play on their profile, they'll have to complete the Competitive Play challenge before participating in multiplayer matches.

'Overwatch 2'
Source: Blizzard
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To do this, you'll have to win 50 matches in Quick Play. You can follow your progress on this challenge under the "Competitive" tab in the Challenges menu to see how many more games you'll need to win before you can play with your friends.

While any of the Quick Play matches should count toward this challenge, many players have reported problems when queueing up more than one round of Skirmish, Practice, or Deathmatch, causing their progress for this challenge to reset.

Because of this, it may be best to play only in Unranked Quick Play matches while the developers continue to work through the various bugs and issues Overwatch 2 has been facing since its launch.

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How to get Competitive Points in 'Overwatch 2.'

Just like in Overwatch, Competitive Points are used to unlock Golden Weapons for your heroes — but you'll need a lot to get just one Golden Weapon.

These points can only be obtained while in Competitive Play. Players who win a match will receive 15 Competitive Points at the end, or five if they tie with another player. While this isn't a lot, the Competitive Points will slowly add up the more you play — and you can also win a large sum of them at the end of the season, depending on your rank.

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There are eight different skill tiers you can rank for in Overwatch 2, and the higher your rank at the end of the season, the more Competitive Points you're awarded. These rewards are as follows:

Bronze65 Competitive Points
Silver125 Competitive Points
Gold250 Competitive Points
Platinum500 Competitive Points
Diamond750 Competitive Points and a Title
Master1,200 Competitive Points and a Title
Grandmaster1,750 Competitive Points and a Title
Top 500 (in your region)1,750 Competitive Points and a Title

You'll need 3,000 Competitive Points to unlock just one Golden Weapon for your hero of choice — but if you're looking to collect multiple for multiple heroes, you'll have to log some serious hours in Overwatch 2.

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