There Are More Than 100 Variations of Gyroids in 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons'

Kori Williams - Author

Nov. 8 2021, Published 6:30 p.m. ET

Now that the last major update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been released, fans are running back to their islands to play with all the new features. Now you can plant wheat, carrots, and more. You can cook food, and The Roost is back featuring our favorite pigeon Brewster.

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Another aspect of the ACNH update is gyroids. They've appeared in previous Animal Crossing games before, and they are now available to players in New Horizons — although you have to go out of your way if you want to find them. But how do you get gyroids in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and what can you do with them?

How to get gyroids in 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons':

With the new update to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players have new islands they can explore. Unlike the mystery islands you fly to via the airport, these new ones are only available to players by boat. You can head to your island's dock to meet a new NPC named Kapp'n. For 1,000 Nook Miles once a day, you can take a boat ride with him to an island with more to offer.

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On these islands, there's a bunch of new stuff to collect including gyroids. Once you are on one of these islands, you will see those star shapes on the ground that indicate something is buried. Start digging and you may run into a gyroid or a gyroid fragment. If you get a fragment, take it back home with you.

When you're back on your own island, bury the fragments in the ground and water them. You'll see puffs of steam coming from the hole. Wait a day and dig them back up to get a full gyroid.

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There are 36 different types of gyroids, but each of them is customizable. With all the variations, there are 189 in total. Here's a list of all the ones you can collect:

  • Aluminoid
  • Arfoid
  • Babbloid
  • Bendoid
  • Bloopoid
  • Boioingoid
  • Boomoid
  • Brewstoid
  • Bubbloid
  • Bwongoid
  • Clatteroid
  • Crumploid
  • Dootoid
  • Drummoid
  • Flutteroid
  • Jingloid
  • Laseroid
  • Oinkoid
  • Petaloid
  • Rattloid
  • Ringoid
  • Rumbloid
  • Scatteroid
  • Spikenoid
  • Sproingoid
  • Squeakoid
  • Squeezoid
  • Stelloid
  • Thwopoid
  • Tockoid
  • Tremoloid
  • Twangoid
  • Wallopoid
  • Whirroid
  • Whistloid
  • Xylophoid

These gyroids shouldn't be confused with Lloid (who comes to your island to collect "donations" for bridge and incline installments) or Coco (the rabbit villager whose appearance is based on a gyroid).

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What to do with gyroids:

To begin with, gyroids look really cute and there are tons of colors. Use them to decorate your home and your island, or gift them to your villagers. But they can add a little music to your island as well. They dance and sing, so many players have used them to make music in the different Animal Crossing games.

Plus, if you put a gyroid next to a speaker with music on, it will sing along. They are a cute and fun way to decorate your island. Since there are so many different variations, you can have fun collecting them all or finding just the right one to fit your mood.

Brewster also likes gyroids and you can see them stored in the back room when you visit him at The Roost. If you talk to him every day, he'll start giving you exclusive items including the Brewstoid gyroid.

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