You'll Have to Pay Off Your Loans to Tom Nook If You Want the Storage Shed in 'ACNH'

Sara Belcher - Author

Nov. 22 2021, Published 7:08 p.m. ET

With the 2.0 update that dropped for Animal Crossing: New Horizons in November 2021, more than 9,000 new items were added to the game, offering players even more options to deck out their already-impressive islands.

The new items replace many of the creative ways New Horizons players would replicate shops, castles, menus, and so many other pieces.

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But with these new items, players of course need more storage to store it all. Which is why there's also upgraded storage options with the new update. Now, players can upgrade their storage to 2,400 items, making plenty of room for the new items available.

As part of the upgrade, Nintendo also introduced a couple of ways for players to access their home storage on the go — something that will make redesigning your island so much easier.

But how do you get the storage shed in New Horizons?

Storage shed in 'ACNH'
Source: Nintendo
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How to get the storage shed in 'New Horizons.'

Unfortunately, getting access to the storage shed isn't as easy as unlocking a new DIY or buying it from the kiosk in Resident Services. Before you can even unlock the option for the storage shed, you'll have to upgrade your house's storage all of the way.

To do this, you'll unfortunately have to fully upgrade your house — so if you've been putting this off, it's time to buckle down and spend the Bells.

Previously, the maximum amount of items players could store in their home was 1,500, but only once they'd completed the sixth and final expansion for their home, costing a whopping 2,498,000 Bells. Of course, Tom Nook doesn't charge interest on his loans, so for a long time, players weren't making any progress toward paying these loans off.

But to get the upgraded storage for your home, you'll have to pay off that hefty price tag.

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Once you pay off your home loan, you can talk to Tom Nook about expanding your home's storage even further for an additional 500,000 Bells (we know, this is definitely an expensive upgrade).

Upgrade your storage and wait a day. After that, you should get a note from Nook Inc. informing you that there is now a storage shed DIY recipe you can purchase at the kiosk in Resident Services.

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This DIY will cost you 6,000 Nook Miles (again, a hefty price tag), taking 30 wood, 30 softwood, 30 hardwood, and 10 iron nuggets.

If you're not in the crafting mood, you can also purchase the storage shed for 6,000 Nook Miles, but it might be best to shell out the money to make this as many times as you'd like for your convenience.

Once you've acquired it, you can literally access your home storage from anywhere on the island once you place it.

There's also a way to access your home storage on Harv's Island.

If you're looking to customize things at Reese and Cyrus's stand in the plaza on Harv's Island, you can change as many items in your storage as you desire without ever flying back to your island — so long as you've also set up Tortimer's shop.

To unlock Tortimer, donate 100,000 Bells to the gyroid taking donations for an "old-timer who'll give you access to your home storage."

The next day, he'll set up shop on Harv's Island, giving you access to your home storage (for free).

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