'Infinite Craft' Lets You Make Taylor Swift in the Game — Here Are the Steps People Found

Players are discovering how to make Taylor Swift in 'Infinite Craft'. Here are the key ingredients you'll need.

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Apr. 16 2024, Published 10:59 a.m. ET

Players are creating Taylor Swift in 'Infinite Craft'
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Every now and then, a new browser game or a piece of mobile shovelware tends to grab people's attention, often becoming as popular to the casual gaming crowd as any triple-A title might. During the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone hopped onto Wordle to generate a shared community out of guessing five-letter worlds while all of us were trapped inside. Before then, free-to-play titles like Flappy Bird caught our eye. More recently, people were dropping fruits in the tetris-like Suika Game.

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As of 2024, a sandbox browser game called Infinite Craft became a new casual gaming hit. Developed by Neal Agarwal and released in mid-January 2024, this simple yet unique game allows players to combine various elements into new types for endless possibilities. The game achieved tens of thousands of users within its first month of release with people making all sorts of elements within it. In fact, people have even managed to make Taylor Swift in the game. Yeah, it goes that deep. Here's how.

Taylor Swift wearing the yellow dress while performing surprise songs
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Taylor Swift was wearing the yellow surprise song dress when she announced "The Black Dog" variant

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Players have apparently been able to make Taylor Swift in 'Infinite Craft'. Here's how.

In Infinite Craft, players start out with the four basic elements — water, fire, wind, and earth. By clicking and dragging them from the sidebar and placing them on top of each other in the open space, you can combine them to make new elements. You may then continue putting elements on top of each other in various combinations to continuously generate new elements, resulting in a fascinating little gameplay loop where you strive to see what new element will pop up next in your collection.

These "elements" include everything from nature to objects to poems to even fictional characters. It can even create specific video games, philosophical concepts, religions, and real-life celebrities. And somehow, it can even generate all-powerful deities like Taylor Swift.

That's right, people have been able to work through Infinite Craft well enough for the game to come up with Tay-Tay for all you Swifties out there.

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According to several players in the r/Taylor Swift subreddit, the two elements you'll need for sure are "American Princess" and "Heartbreak". Of course, you'll have to create those two elements to begin with.

Here are the steps you'll need to make the elements for Taylor Swift. For Heartbreak:

Wind + FireSmoke
Smoke + WaterFog
Earth + WindDust
Dust + EarthPlanet
Planet + FogVenus
Venus + FogLove
Water + FireSteam
Steam + VenusLife
Life + SmokeVampire
Life + VampireDeath
Death + LoveHeartbreak
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For American Princess:

Water + WaterLake
Lake + LakeOcean
Ocean + EarthIsland
Island + EarthContinent
Death + ContinentAmerica
Steam + EarthMud
Mud + VenusAdam
Adam + EarthMan
Man + ManVillage
Mud + MudClay
Clay + ClayBrick
Brick + BrickWall
Village + WallCastle
Man + CastleKing
King + CastleQueen
America + QueenAmerican Queen
American Queen + American QueenAmerican King
American King + American QueenAmerican Prince
American Prince + LoveAmerican Princess

And bam! Just like that, you'll be able to create Taylor Swift in Infinite Craft. What's more, you'll even be able to combine her with other elements to generate some of her popular singles! Now we wonder what will happen if you combine her with Travis Kelce...?

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