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Source: Private Division

Operate Outside the Law by Pickpocketing in 'The Outer Worlds'


Ready to take a trip to another universe and see how the other half lives? The Outer Worlds is a sprawling RPG that lets you complete a variety of tasks, including living a new life with a new profession that you never could have dreamt of in your past life. But even as a regular citizen with a job, you might still be compelled sometimes to break the law, perhaps in the form of pickpocketing other citizens who have things you may need or want. That's how it goes in the outer reaches of space!

If you think pickpocketing other NPCs in this exciting RPG is the best move for your character, we're here to help you figure out how to do it. Sit down, relax, and get ready for a crash course in how to become a thief in The Outer Worlds. Turning to a life of crime really isn't so bad when you think about it – you're going to get what you need and want to go further in the game, after all.