This Man Is Teaching TikTok How to Communicate With Their Cats Using Sounds

Cats don't always listen, but maybe it's because we're not speaking their language. This creator wants to teach you now to communicate with your cat.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Jun. 20 2023, Updated 3:10 p.m. ET

tiktok user @alecanewman and his cat
Source: TikTok / @alecanewman

Well, it looks like Duolingo better add a new section for those trying to learn to speak cat because it’s becoming a thing thanks to one TikTok creator.

Cat owner and creator @alecanewman has been making videos about “speaking cat” and they're pretty impressive. If you’re trying to communicate more effectively with your cat, you may want to take a look at his page.

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Cat lying on bed, elevated view
Source: Getty Images

TikTok creator @alecanewman is sharing videos about how to communicate better with your cat.

If you have a cat, you're likely familiar with some of the sounds he or she makes. For example, if you hear him purring, you can assume that he is content. But if he hisses at you, you can assume that he is ticked off. But what about all the other noises cats make?

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TikTok creator @alecanewman shares what he believes some of these noises mean. "How to speak cat. Lesson 1. "Mah mah mah," he says, " which means food," in a video.

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Basically, he is implying that if you hear a cat go "mah mah mah" really quickly, he or she wants food. In his caption, he writes: "I learned this from a Siamese 30 years ago, so it crosses generations and types." He demonstrates the noise and it quickly garners his cat's attention.

In a second video, @alecanewman claims that if you say "ma-ah," to your cat, it means "come here."

But as he explains, "This one is difficult because normally when you call a dog, they come. When you call a cat, you leave a message. But let's see if it works."

@alecanewman tries it out on his cat, who ignores his first attempt but starts walking toward him after the second attempt. Victory!

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In another video, he unpacks what he believes "Brrrrr-ah" means, claiming that it's a much more gentle way to say "come here," to your cat or to wake him up.

He tries it out on his napping cat, who rolls over immediately.

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In the comment section of @alecanewman's videos, users had mixed thoughts. A few folks claimed that their cats did not respond to the sounds he discussed.

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Source: tiktok

However, others loved that he was creating these videos and demanded more.

One user joked " bro's fluent in cat," to which @alecanewman replied: "Nah, just conversational." Another joked, "Giving all these cats a crisis their human learned how to talk suddenly."

And one more jokester kept the laughs coming by asking: "How do you say in cat “pay me rent!”

For more cat language videos, follow @alecanewman on TikTok.

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