The 'Bugsnax' Mothza Supreme Can Be Cut Down to Catch — Here's How

Sara Belcher - Author

May 6 2022, Published 3:29 p.m. ET

Mothza Supreme in 'Bugsnax'
Source: Young Horses

One of the first enemies you'll encounter in Bugsnax is the Mothza Supreme, a large, loaded pizza bugsnak that attacks your ship when you're coming to the island, forcing you to crash-land. But while this creature may seems like a big enemy, you'll have the opportunity to defeat and capture it during your playthrough — but it'll take some strategy. Here's everything you need to know on how to summon and defeat the Mothza Supreme.

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How to summon the Mothza Supreme in 'Bugsnax.'

If you're looking to summon the Mothza Supreme, then you've likely already completed Cromdo's "Deal or No Deal" and "Inside Man" quests. You won't be able to summon the large flying bugsnak until those are completed, so be sure you've done that first.

Crombo will then lead you to the pyramid situated in the Sizzling Sands, bringing up a platform in the pyramid's center that needs to be broken. Go down to the statue with the pizza cutter and use your Snakgrappler to reveal a Bombino.

Mothza Supreme in 'Bugsnax'
Source: Young Horses
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Take the pizza roll snack up to the pyramid and place it on the pedestal Crombo raised. It should explode, revealing a small recess and triggering the arrival of the aggressive Mothza Supreme.

How to defeat the Mothza Supreme.

Once you've summoned the Mothza Supreme, you'll immediately enter a boss battle against it — and it's not an easy bugsnak to take down.

To start, make sure your launchpad is placed in the center of the pyramid. The Mothza Supreme will fly around you in circles, stopping occasionally. When it's stopped, you'll want to pick up one of the Bombinos scattered around (not one of the ones that's on fire, though), and place it on your launch pad.

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Launch the Bombino into the air at the Mothza Supreme before it moves positions. So long as you've timed this correctly, it should explode upon contact, causing the large bugsnak to fall to the ground.

While it's down, shoot the Snakgrappler at the side of the statue it's in front of to bring down the pizza cutter attached to it, ultimately slicing the pizza snack.

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Starting during the boss's second phase, though, it will begin conjuring up tornadoes. These will knock any Bombino you shoot at the Mothza Supreme out of the way if you're not careful. By the third phase, the flying bugsnak will also conjure a tornado wherever it stops, preventing you from shooting Bombinos at it.

When this happens, you'll want to place a bunch of Bombinos underneath where the Mothza Supreme will stop and conjure a tornado — just make sure you haven't already used the pizza slicer in this spot when you do this.

The Mothza Supreme will bring the Bombinos flying toward it with the tornado, knocking it to the ground so you can slice it one last time. Once this is done, it should be fairly simple for you to grab and complete the boss battle.

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