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Poffins Are Easy to Use — Here's How to Use the 'Pokemon GO' Accessory



Gamers and Pokemon fiends alike are beyond thrilled that Pokemon GO’s Buddy Adventure update was released on Thursday, Dec. 19. The brand new feature enables users to pair up with their favorite Pokemon pal, unlocking various bonuses with a crime-fighting partner by their side. And one of the new features, called the Poffin, is a seriously exciting addition. 

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Here's how to use Poffin in Pokemon GO:

So if you're already in the midst of playing Pokemon GO Buddy Adventure with your favorite Pokemon friend, and you aren't yet sure how to use a Poffin, hang tight — I'll be going through a step-by-step tutorial on how to access Poffins, how to use them, and why you want one, for the sake of your Pokemon pal. 

Source: Pokemon GO
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Poffins are essential for your buddy. 

With the buddy update comes the ability to use Poffins, and if you aren't sure what they are yet, let me bring you up to speed. A Poffin is a brand new ~premium~ item, according to Pokemon GO Hub, and it's definitely something you'll want while you're adventuring alongside your beloved Pokemon buddy.   

Although it’s not necessary to buy Poffins, if you plan to level up multiple Buddies at the same time, it could be useful to have a few in your inventory.

Basically, when your buddy is hungry, they will eat a Poffin. It satisfies your buddy's hunger meter, while simultaneously boosting their Mood all the way up to Excited. Basically, it's the cure to hanger, and I totally need one (or a lot) of them in my life. And luckily, getting a Poffin is simple. 

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Like food in real life, you have to purchase Poffins. 

You can buy you and your buddy a nice, fulfilling Poffin from the Shop, according to Pokemon GO Live. I'm not referring to the grocery store down the street from your house, or the bodega on the first floor of your building. I'm talking about the Shop within the world of Pokemon GO

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Upon finding yourself at the Shop, you can select a Poffin (which looks like a dinner roll) and pay 100 PokéCoins for it. As I said previously, buying a Poffin will maintain your buddy's mood, keep them fat n' happy, and — most importantly — it will keep them on the map. You essentially get "more time" with your buddy based on their mood, so it's definitely worth your money.

Source: Pokemon GO
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Food isn't the only thing that maintains your buddy's mood. 

Pokemon are just as needy as people — according to Gamepur, when you stop interacting with them, their mood goes down. And if you completely ignore them they can ultimately disappear from the map. According to Pokemon GO Hub, there are five moods: normal, happy, smile, fun, and excited. 

Needless to say, you'll want to keep your buddy as excited as you possibly can. You wouldn't want them to disappear.

Pokemon GO's new buddy feature is A+, but remember to keep them fat and happy — a bad mood buddy definitely isn't what you want in a high-stakes battle. 

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