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Source: the pokemon company

News of Pokémon 'Home' & 'Sleep', Plus a Snorlax in 'Go' Is Making Pokémaniacs Very, Very Happy


Pokémon Home and Sleep were just announced by The Pokémon Company, along with an exciting new event for Pokémon GO players that allows them to catch a Snorlax for a limited time.

With all of the news dropping in a single day, it's easy to get the specifics of each separate launch twisted. Are Home and Sleep separate games? Do they offer separate experiences? Are they like Pokémon Red & Blue at all?

As it turns out, no, they're not at all, actually. In fact, they're more services than games, well, in some cases, that is. If that sounds confusing that's because it kinda is.

The Pokémon Company dropped the news at an unveiling they dubbed "a preview of the future of Pokémon" and they made one thing clear: they're taking gaming in the Pokémon world in a very new direction.

What is Pokémon Home?