Build-a-Bear Adds Massive, Adorable Snorlax Pokémon Plush That You Can Buy Now

Build-a-Bear is now selling a new Snorlax plush as part of a partnership with 'Pokémon: Sword' and 'Shield' that's large and in charge and very sleepy.

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Mar. 12 2021, Updated 1:18 p.m. ET

Source: Pokémon / Build-a-Bear

I remember way back in the day when Build-a-Bear only had one teddy bear in like, three different colors that you could choose from. Maybe I'm dating myself, but things are different today, to say the least. The Build-a-Bear Workshop just released an adorable and huge Snorlax plushie just in time for the holidays. 

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Your favorite Pokémon fan will love you forever if you order this online exclusive for them this holiday season. He's large, he's fluffy, he's soft, and he's very, very sleepy. 

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The Snorlax plush is a partnership between Build-a-Bear Workshop and Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Pokémon Sword and Shield are the brand new Pokémon games available on Nintendo Switch. Now you can snuggle with a giant Snowlax while you play away. And when we say giant, we mean giant

According to the Build-a-Bear Workshop product page, the Snorlax is 16 inches tall, so his round, cream-colored belly is probably able to make the perfect pillow for your head. "Its large cuddly size makes the sleepy Snorlax anything but a snooze," the website reads. They even warn you that due to the Snorlax's "extra-snuggly size," he's not made to fit inside of their standard gift boxes or "Cub Condos." He's just too large! What do you think Fat Pikachu would have to say about that? 

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You can buy the Snorlax on his own, or you can add his "cozy robe and sleeping cap" and a five-in-one Snorlax sound so your plush can make snoozy noises every time you squeeze his hand. Not to mention, the Snorlax comes with a complimentary exclusive Pokémon: The Trading Game Snorlax card. 

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The card is actually really cute too. The Snorlax's abilities are listed as "Stir and Snooze." It says, "If this Pokémon is Asleep, flip two coins instead of one between turns. If either of them is tails, this Pokémon is still asleep." A Pokémon who snoozes in the grass and won't wake up just for anybody? I can relate. He looks like he's having the nap of his life in that field, and honestly, I am a little bit jealous. 

Also, if you look closely, it says in the bottom corner, "It is not satisfied until it eats over 880 pounds of food every day. When it is done eating, it goes promprtly to sleep." Has there ever been a more relatable Pokémon? I think not.

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How much does the Build-a-Bear Snorlax cost?

If you get the whole bundle, the Snorlax, his pajama set, and the five-in-one Snorlax sound, it's $57. The Snorlax by itself is $35, the pjs on their own will cost you $15, and the five-in-one Snorlax sound is only $7 (so technically, you could buy it and insert it into any Build-a-Bear you want. I don't know why you would do that except for the fact that the sounds are probably adorable). 

Of course, if the cuddly Snorlax somehow isn't your favorite Pokémon of all time (I can't imagine why), he is not the only Pokémon who is now a Build-a-Bear plush. Get your hands on an exclusive Psyduck, Pichu, or Snubbull plush toy today and make the Pokémon fanatic in your life so incredibly happy. 

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