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The 'Love Is Blind' Reunion Won't Be on Netflix — Here's How to Watch the Show



The Love Is Blind finale gave viewers much to think about. The two-hour-long episode revealed which of the six couples decided to tie the knot and start a life together — and who didn't. 

Matt Barnett swept under the carpet any history he may have had with Jessica Batten and got married to Amber Pike. Lauren Speed wiped away Cameron Hamilton's tears before saying "I do." The others split up.

Ready to find out what's next for the couples? Here's how you can watch the Love Is Blind reunion

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The 'Love Is Blind' reunion won't be available on Netflix — here's how you can watch the show.

The Love Is Blind reunion special is bound to be jam-packed with drama, intrigue, and unexpected shouting matches. Akin to the 90 Day Fiancé Tell All or the Married at First Sight reunion, the new episode is set to reveal what the contestants have been up to since leaving the show, offering unparalleled insight into how their relationships have evolved since the filming of the first five episodes. 

Source: Netflix
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According to Bustle, the shooting took place in the fall of 2018. The reunion will cover everything that has taken place since then, revealing which relationships grew cold and which ones are still blossoming.

Netflix has recently revealed that the Love Is Blind reunion won't follow the format viewers of the show are already accustomed to. Instead of releasing the episode on the official platform, the streaming giant decided to make it available exclusively on its YouTube channel.

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Source: Netflix

Judging by a trailer, the Q&A style special will allow contestants to give voice to their deepest, long-hidden concerns, with some confronting one another for the very first time. As the 1-minute and 10-second-long clip reveals, Jessica and Amber are bound to engage in a heated discussion about what the concept of loyalty entails, while Matt watches on awkwardly. In other words: expect spectacular face-offs. 

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Source: Netflix

The 'Love Is Blind' reunion is bound to have some surprises in store.

One of the couples might surprise viewers. At the end of the Love Is Blind finale, we watched Giannina Gibelli storm out of the church, dragging her glistening white dress through the garden only to tumble down and risk ruining the whole outfit. Later, she delivered one of the most theatrically-charged gestures on the show by tearing the last remnants of the beautiful gown apart and handing it over to Damian Powers, the man who left her at the altar at the very last minute.

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According to Esquire, the couple might have rekindled the flame over the past year. As the outlet reveals, Giannina recently posted a new selfie showing her kicking back and enjoying a cup of coffee — with her old engagement band still adorning her right-hand ring finger. According to a theory, this could be a visual cue hinting at the changes currently taking place in her and Damian's life. 

The Love Is Blind reunion will be available on March 5 on Netflix's YouTube channel. 

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