Woman Faces Backlash for Complaining Her Husband Bought Her the Wrong Stanley for Christmas

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Jan. 2 2024, Published 11:48 a.m. ET

As the holiday season ends and we’re all chipping away at our New Year’s resolutions, some are finally getting a chance to reflect on the gifts they received during Christmas and other December holidays. Many savvy shoppers have picked out their gifts themselves to not be disappointed with what they get from their loved ones. However, those who went the traditional route of making a list were at the mercy of their loved ones' individual tastes.

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Sometimes, letting someone buy a gift based on their taste can benefit them and the person the gift is for. In many cases, though, the act results in the gift-receiver being disappointed during the holidays. And who really wants that?

In December 2023, disappointment was one woman's reality after she entrusted her husband to buy a Stanley tumbler for her for Christmas. The hubby's gesture was so bad she had to share the horror on Instagram, which, of course, backfired.

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A woman scoffed at the Stanley cup her husband gifted her for Christmas.

Whether it happened during childhood, during the company gift exchange, or from someone in your family, we've all had at least one Christmas where we didn't get exactly what we wanted. Fortunately, more people are discovering the wonderful world of gift receipts, which allow folks to buy the gift they really wanted after the holidays.

One item that is undoubtedly on most girls' holiday wishlists is a Stanley tumbler. The tall, insulated tumblers come in various colors and patterns and are often the travel companions for the ladies who want to stay stylish and, more importantly, hydrated.

Stanley has become so popular that multiple social media handles are dedicated to the brand and its influence on women worldwide.

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In December 2023, one account, @bettercups_stanley_sbux_, shared how one woman got her very own tumbler for Christmas, though it wasn't the aesthetic she was hoping for. In the short clip, the woman zoomed in on the tumbler, which was a dark, Christmas tree–colored bottle with a silver handle. The tumbler also had a silver cap on it for coffee and other beverages.

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The woman held the tumbler to the camera and showed herself crying in the tumbler's reflection as she zoomed in on the Stanley; a voiceover of someone hysterically crying plays in the background. The woman also added text to her video to further express her disappointment in her husband's gift.

"Asked my husband for a 'big Stanley' for Christmas," she wrote.

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The woman's complaint over her husband's Christmas gift fell flat.

Typically, I would sympathize with the gift receiver's pain in this situation. It is admittedly annoying when someone, especially your spouse, doesn't pick out something that fits your style or personality. However, in this husband's defense, the wife could've been a tad more specific when selecting her gift.

By simply telling her husband to buy her a "big Stanley," the woman left him in charge of picking out the color and style of the tumbler, so she really can't complain when he gets her the big Stanley she wanted.

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Additionally, the woman in the video's response to her husband's gift could read as ungrateful to some, as she overlooked the genuine meaning behind the holiday season. In this economy, where there's global unrest and exorbitant grocery store bills, many were fortunate to get any gift this year, good or bad.

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Underneath the Instagram post, many people agreed that the woman should've thought twice before complaining about her Stanley tumbler when not everyone was as fortunate to have the expensive waterkeeper under their tree. In the comments, many users slammed the woman's video for her reaction to the Stanley her husband picked out. Many of the users said the one she received, which is much sturdier than the ones currently trending, is the "real" version of the tumbler she initially wanted.

"That's the real one," a commenter said. "The new ones are stupid.

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"He got you the best one," one commenter wrote.

"Nice your husband isn’t chronically online," another said.

While the woman didn't respond to the virtual chatter, she will likely think twice before crying about the "wrong" gift online!

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