Woman Shares Shocking Story of Husband Faking His Own Death

This woman's life became a nightmare when she learned her husband staged his death and his family helped him cover his tracks. Details ahead.

Haylee Thorson - Author

Jun. 15 2023, Published 1:58 p.m. ET

A woman described how her husband faked his death and she paid for his funeral
Source: TikTok/@anessarossii

It's no secret the “faking one’s own death” trope is nothing new in film and television. However, many would never expect to encounter such atrocity in real life.

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Unfortunately, for TikTok creator @anessarossii (Anessa Rossi), her life became something out of a horror movie when she learned her husband staged his death and his family helped him cover his tracks.

Not only that, but his reasoning for committing such a cruel act was the last thing the creator expected. Here’s what went down.

A woman's family helped her plan her husband's funeral and later learns that he faked his death.
Source: TikTok/@anessarossii
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A woman shared a horrifying story of her husband faking his own death.

In Anessa’s viral video, she explained the entire backstory of how she discovered her husband had faked his death while they were in the midst of their divorce.

According to the creator, the Miami Police Department contacted her in January 2023 and told her they had recovered her husband’s dead body after he seemingly committed suicide.

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Even though Anessa and her partner had separated by then, she and her family still planned his funeral. However, because the creator was on “bad terms” with her ex’s family, she stayed in California while they took over funeral planning in Florida.

Users react to a woman's video about her husband faking his own death
Source: TikTok/@anessarossii
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To make matters worse, her husband’s family told Anessa not to attend the services because it would be “too traumatic” considering they were going through a divorce before his unexpected passing.

Despite not attending her husband’s funeral, the creator revealed that she still talked to a coroner’s office and funeral home and even paid for funeral arrangements.

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Not only that, but she was so guilt-ridden about her husband’s suicide that she contemplated taking her life because she believed his death was her fault. But in March 2023, she received new information that turned her life upside down.

The woman learned that her husband faked his death — and the reason was shocking.

Several months after her husband’s death, Anessa went live on TikTok, and someone told her to check her DMs because they had information about her partner. And much to the creator’s astonishment, her husband was very much alive.

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However, that wasn’t the only astonishing detail she learned. After Anessa’s ex faked his death, he moved to Mexico to live with a woman he had been having an affair with for six years.

Then, in the comment section, the creator offered more details about her husband’s mistress. “This woman has photos of my husband …INSIDE OF OUR HOUSE … IN MY HOME,” Anessa wrote. “She was in my home.”

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TikTokers shared their thoughts about the woman’s husband faking his death.

TikTok creators comment on the story of a husband faking his own death
Source: TikTok/@anessarossii

After hearing Anessa’s appalling story, other TikTok creators naturally wanted to provide their two cents. And the most common sentiment? Legal advice.

Considering faking one’s own death is often accompanied by other highly illegal activity, users pointed out that the creator can sue her ex-husband, his family, and his mistress for their actions.

And given the gravity of the trauma Anessa endured, she can also take them to court for emotional damages. “SUE FOR EMOTIONAL DAMAGESSSSS,” one person urged.

Someone else added, “Idk who … but someone is getting sued.”

If you or someone you know are experiencing suicidal thoughts, call, text, or message the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. Dial or text 988, call 1-800-273-8255, or chat via their website.

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