Woman Says Husband Lost 120 Thank You Cards — People Recommend Annulling Marriage


Feb. 7 2024, Published 3:51 p.m. ET

A woman is tempted to say “thank you, next” to her husband after he lost 120 thank you cards that she spent hours handwriting to their guests.

This wedding horror story proves that the honeymoon stage can be over in a flash if you're not careful. The video was posted by TikToker Kara Burd (@karaburd). At the time of writing, the video has been viewed nearly 921,900 times.

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The woman couldn't believe her new husband's careless mistake.

“Happy knowing you successfully hand wrote & personalized 120 thank you notes to your wedding guests & gave them to your husband to mail at the post office,” the text overlay reads over a video of Kara walking down a street.

Kara shared the incriminating text messages from her husband admitting his mistake.

“You’re going to kill me. I can’t find the thank you letters,” the first text reads. He then pondered whether he left them on top of his car while heading downtown the night before. The husband better get used to his car because he might be sleeping in it soon.

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He confirmed that this is exactly what happened in the next message.

“I left them on my car," he wrote. "It was a mistake I’m sorry.”

Although Kara’s responses back to her husband weren’t shown, users could see her large blue walls of text. They found this to be a completely fair reaction to learning that all her hard work was gone with the wind.

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“The paragraphs after his confession, I'm crying,” one user wrote.

“The sea of blue,” Kara replied with crying and skull emojs.

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The husband tried to rectify the situation by offering to help with the next batch.

“I will help rewrite them,” his last text read.

But after his first careless mistake, there’s a slim chance that Kara will trust him to do that.

Many viewers shared that the husband should've helped her write the thank you notes in the first place. Maybe then he would've been more careful with them. “He should’ve helped the first time anyway,” a user commented.

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Others went so far as to say that his mistake is grounds for divorce.

“Not too late to get it annulled,” a user commented. “The wedding would be off for me,” another wrote with a laughing emoji.

Others suggested that Kara should go easy on her new husband since he did the right thing by being honest.

“Girl, you have a good one. He recognized the mistake and offered a solution,” another user wrote.

text from husband thank you cards
Source: TikTok/@karaburd
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Many users shared their own stories of their partners messing up.

Another user wrote that her new husband opened up all their wedding gifts while she was sleeping and threw all the cards into a pile. This meant that she had no idea who sent what gift for the thank you cards.

Another shared that her husband lost their wedding bands on the way to the wedding aisle. “Never recovered,” she wrote.

After Kara’s video went viral, many people were wondering if her husband was still alive helped with the cards. Kara provided an update in a second video that was captioned, “Ok ladies pls calm down he is working on them.. about a month later ahahahaha.”

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The video shows her husband sitting at the dining room table, furiously writing the thank you cards — as he should.

What do you think of the husband’s mistake? What would be your reaction?

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