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Source: iStock Photo / Imgur

Bridezilla Cuts Bridesmaid out of Wedding for Having Thinning Hair from Cancer


Bridezilla stories just keep getting lower and lower and lower. Weddings do something to people's brains. I don't know what it is, but a bride's "vision" of her own wedding can sometimes take precedence over her relationships, her friends, her... basic morality. It's definitely evident in this text exchange, which went viral because the bride decided to express to her bridesmaids (except for one) that she was thinking about cutting the excluded woman out of her bridal party for a vicious reason.

Her friend had cancer and was losing her hair, and the bride thought that didn't quite fit with her image of what her wedding was supposed to look like. For real. It's a wonder she thought she would get away with texting her other bridesmaids about it. But she did! 

Source: Imgur