Man on Phone With Wi-Fi Company Has to Reveal His Embarrassing Password: "See More Nuts In Your Mouth"

Kelly Corbett - Author

Dec. 18 2023, Updated 9:07 a.m. ET

Remember the dawn of the internet? We were all digital toddlers, just making up insane usernames and email addresses like pixie_queen_hollister_bear_1995_1234. I’m sure the beginning of our digital footprints would give us all a jump scare.

Fortunately, most of us have graduated to professional internet denizens and we’ve updated our usernames and email addresses to reflect that.

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But what about our passwords? We usually don’t think about those as much since they’re private. We figure it’s fine if we keep using the same password we’ve been using since 7th grade because who is going to see it? It’s for our eyes only, right?

But what happens when you’re on the phone with your Wi-Fi company because you’re having trouble with your internet and they ask you for your password and it’s super cringe and you must tell them or else they cannot help you? That just happened to one woman's husband, and not only did he have to say the password aloud, but he had to spell it.

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Man sitting on stairs using telephone, hand to head
Source: getty images

One woman records her husband sharing his embarrassing password with their Wi-Fi company.

TikTok user Megan Ringo seemingly married a man who hasn’t changed his Wi-Fi password in a minute.

“POV: Your internet has been out for two days and your husband finally gets humbled for being a dumba–,” she writes in her video as she films her husband on the phone speaking with their Wi-Fi company.

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The phone is on speaker and the man he is speaking with asks, “What were you using for your password?"

Megan’s husband pauses. “Um,” he says into the phone as he begins to laugh. “I’m so sorry for what I’m about to say.”

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“See more nuts in your mouth is the password,” Megan’s husband finally responds. Megan is heard giggling in the background.

Without even missing a beat, the man on the phone then asks Megan's husband to spell it out – ultimately making the embarrassing moment longer. Megan's husband does just that using the phonetic alphabet, but you can see it is a struggle as he is still mortified about the password.

“Gotcha, alright give me a moment here,” the man says seriously after Megan's husband finishes. The video then ends.

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tiktok comment husband shares embarrassing wifi password
Source: tiktok

In the comment section, users were cackling at the awkward encounter.

“The way I would've canceled this internet and gone with a whole new provider,” wrote one user.

Another tried to offer some comforting words: "I work for a cable company — this is normal."

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Meanwhile, a third praised the worker for maintaining professionalism during this extremely laughable moment. “That employee was leagues more professional than I ever could have been.”

Piggybacking onto that, one person wrote: “I want to hear what other crazy passwords he’s heard to have that not even elicit a chuckle.”

tiktok comment husband shares embarrassing wifi password
Source: tiktok
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Others had thoughts about the phonetic alphabet Megan's husband used to spell out their iconic password, “see more nuts in your mouth.”’

Some highlights included Megan's husband saying, "'R’ as in …I don’t know ‘R’” and ‘T’ as in Tyrannosaurus rex.

tiktok comment husband shares embarrassing wifi password
Source: tiktok

Bottom line: If you’re not changing your passwords for security reasons, change them for embarrassment reasons.

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