A Husband Texts Back "Ugh" After Asking His Wife What's for Dinner so She Got Petty

When a husband texted his wife to ask her what was for dinner, he texted back a simple "ugh." Obviously she needed to exact a bit of revenge.

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Oct. 30 2023, Published 2:40 p.m. ET

Nothing boils my pasta faster than a person who isn't appreciative of a kind act. To be clear, being nice with the expectation of receiving something in return is not great. As my mother likes to relentlessly say, an expectation is a premeditated resentment. Of course this doesn't mean you can't take note of someone's abhorrent behavior. Accountability is mental health currency.

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This is why I really appreciate what Ashley did when her husband was alarmingly ungrateful regarding a meal she was preparing for dinner. Instead of getting mad, Ashley got even. Some call it petty but I say he got his just desserts, but not literally.

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This guy should make his own dinner.

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And what will he be eating for dinner?

With the sound of children playing in the background, an exhausted Ashley — who goes by @ashleym4296 on TikTok — popped into the popular social media app to air out her husband's bad behavior. Someone needs to grab this dude a copy of the Emily Post book Etiquette because he needs a lesson, STAT.

He sent her a text asking what's for dinner. As someone who will immediately pull up a menu hours, or sometimes days, before I head to restaurant I get it.

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Food can be a source of pleasure or comfort. If family dinners are a regular event for you, then sharing a meal also becomes the time of day where everyone reconnects and strengthens those familial bonds.

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In all likelihood when Ashley's husband interrupted her day to ask what was for dinner that evening, he was in the market for something to look forward to. I'm a planner, so I feel this in my bones.

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One weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to go to dinner before demolishing an escape room. We chose the Cheesecake Factory for laughs but also, it's delicious. Imagine my devastation when I was told the wait would be an hour. Alas, we had to find somewhere else to eat. All this to say, preparing your mouth for a dish can be satisfying!

What one shouldn't do when asking their wife what's on the food agenda is, respond with a simple "ugh." That's what Ashley's husband did because he was laboring under the misconception that Ashley was a piece of dried dog feces baking under the hot sun. In other words, that's how you treat someone you don't respect.

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Without knowing anything about their relationship, I will assume Ashley's husband was just having a little temper tantrum. I'm an only child which means temper tantrums are part of my DNA, so I am sympathetic. When I was six years-old, I threw one in front of a drug store. It involved me tossing my little body onto the ground which resulted in the loss of a tooth. My mouth was bloody and a lesson was learned. That's not how you get what you want.

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Instead of responding with a similar amount of disdain, Ashley decided to exact some non-invasive revenge. She did up changing that evening's dinner, but not for everyone. You see, Ashley ordered herself some delicious Mexican food then served her husband his ugh-filled supper (meaning he had to fend for himself that night).

They say actions speak louder than words, and in this case Ashley's actions probably came with a bonus. First there was the clear message she sent via her yummy takeout. Second if she's anything like me and a plate of beans, there was the flatulence encore that would definitely serve her husband right.

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