Husband Doesn't Clean Kitchen While His Wife Has COVID — And It's Scarier Than the Virus

"The entire kitchen smells like vinegar," the woman says in her TikTok that reveals a nightmare mess.

Melissa Willets - Author

Mar. 11 2024, Published 1:40 p.m. ET

A TikTok creator who shares content using the handle @healing_saddie is sharing the aftermath of having COVID. What's the worst part? Perhaps her husband neglecting to clean her kitchen?

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"I don't even want to look in the sink," the woman — who isolated with her son on the top level of their house for a week — bemoans in a video that has garnered more than 19,000 comments at time of writing. So how disgusting is the kitchen? Well, let's just say there's an unidentified mold situation.

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You may gag upon seeing the state of this woman's kitchen after COVID.

"The entire kitchen smells like vinegar," the woman says in her TikTok that reveals a nightmare mess of dishes and food a week post-isolation.

That means there's some sort of food rotting somewhere. And this woman, who just suffered through COVID, now has to uncover the smelly items and deal with them.

Really, as this woman digs deeper into the pile of dishes, she uncovers unidentifiable substances that look like a science experiment gone wrong. It's bad.

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The gag-inducing scene gets worse and worse the more this woman cleans. Just when she thinks she's "seen the worst of it," well, no, the kitchen is hiding more gross-out surprises for her.

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Old food is crusted on the bottom of the sink. There's even a smoothie she made before she got sick that hasn't been touched. It's more than a week old!

The stress of having to clean up the kitchen after being out of commission is clearly getting to this creator, who starts looking pretty exasperated and even despondent toward the end of the short TikTok.

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Funny enough, she managed to take care of her child, clean the entire top floor, and stay on top of the laundry while she was suffering with COVID.

And as for what her husband was able to accomplish while his wife was ill and isolating to keep him healthy? Well, TikTok has some thoughts.

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TikTok came for the husband of the sick woman.

Commenters were ready to pounce on the husband who didn't seem to be able to keep the kitchen from spiraling into despair while his wife, who often documents her cleaning exploits on social media, was ill with COVID.

"So what did your husband do the whole time?" demanded one person. The creator came to his defense, saying that he has a career. OK. But by her admission, so does she.

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"Wow, your husband seems like a real gem," someone else roasted the creator's spouse.

There really weren't any positive comments supporting the healthy husband who couldn't be bothered to clean up after himself while his wife was sick.

And, it seems the woman is basically resigned to accepting her situation, as she popped into the comments to defend the "shame" she felt over the state of the kitchen, saying she cleaned it "because it needed to be done."

She even said that her husband "doesn't clean as much as he should" but that he contributes in other ways. But here's the thing then. Why create this video? It seems passive aggressive if she isn't even going to call him out for not cleaning up. I'm confused. So is TikTok. What's your take?

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