Husband Leaves House So Trashed Before Vacation His Wife May Divorce Him

A husband and kids fail to leave the family's home in good condition pre-vacation. The wife's so mad, she shares a dire warning for single women.

Melissa Willets - Author

Oct. 5 2023, Published 11:41 a.m. ET

A wife and mom is so "livid" (add a few expletives in there, too) after finding her home trashed by her husband and kids before they left for vacation, she might just file for divorce.

TikTok creator @mainlinemusings clearly hit a nerve when she shared her extremely raw post about how angry she is that she has to basically do everything for her family. As of this writing, over 4,000 comments have poured in. Read on to hear the blood-boiling details of what happened — and to hear her warning for single women.

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A wife and working mom came home to a trashed house before leaving to join her family on vacation.

We learn from the mom behind this viral TikTok that she hasn't had a night alone since 2019, and instead has spent the past several years caring for her kids, who are not that young anymore, as she shares.

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As a married mom of five, including two teenagers, I can relate to everything that the creator then shares about the state of her home, which is the result of her husband and kids rushing around to leave before her for vacation.

The emotional mom pans around to show her followers how the dishes aren't done, and her clean laundry is thrown on the floor. Overall, there's a true lack of consideration for her, to be sure.

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Most of us moms are used to this. Everyone in my family just expects that I'll take care of things, from doing the dishes, to the laundry, to cleaning up after them. And, my needs definitely come last, which is basically what this angry mom is feeling.

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As she shares, her plans to have a nice night to herself before leaving to join her family on vacation were dashed when she came home and saw the giant mess. Now, instead of relaxing, she'll be picking up after her husband and kids, since they didn't see any reason to think about how she may feel being left with a trashed home.

But beyond being mad, this mom has seemingly reached the end of her rope. While she shares that she wouldn't expect her kids to get it (and we were all young once and lived in our own bubbles), she expects more from her husband.

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This woman "would never do this" to her husband.

The TikToker ends her lengthy video by seething how she would never do this to her husband, especially since he should know how much she does for the family, and should realize she deserves a relaxing night by herself.

As for his excuse for not cleaning up the house, all he could come up with when his wife confronted him was that he had to get a haircut and was busy playing golf.

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This woman is so incensed, that she offers a dire warning to single women, saying while she is happy she had her kids, she essentially doesn't know why she's still married.

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"I'm telling you, TikTok, I am telling you, don't f----- get married!" she swears to the camera.

And commenters seemingly heeded her words, with several saying that marriage and kids didn't look so fun, actually.

Other commenters encouraged this mom to just stay home (after she hires a cleaning person of course), and enjoy some time to herself while her husband and kids vacation at the beach without her. I'd say this is a good idea given how upset she is. I don't think anyone is going to have fun if she shows up, especially since she said if she sees even one sock on the floor of the beach house, she is leaving.

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Ultimately, I relate to what this mom, who later shared an update that not much has changed other than her focus on being kinder to herself and not cleaning the house so much, is going through. But I'm going to offer my own takeaway for singles: Being married with kids is equal parts challenging and rewarding. Sometimes I am so in love with my life, I can't stand it. Other times I want to run out the front door.

So yeah, I've had days like this woman, but I can't help but feel a little cringey watching her basically threaten her husband with divorce and say she regrets marriage on a public platform that her kids can watch. Perhaps a private conversation would have been better? Just my opinion.

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