A Mom Shares Her Unbearable Mexican Restaurant Trip With Her Toddler

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Jan. 23 2024, Published 6:09 p.m. ET

If you’re a new parent, chances are getting a night alone or with just you or your spouse, baby daddy/mama, etc, can be daunting. In many cases, parents may opt to skip the babysitter fees and stay home with their little ones. However, some select few parents decide to have a family date night out with their babies and toddlers.

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Whether you have kids or not, we’ve all witnessed a parent do the latter scenario and struggle with their decision during the dinner. In January 2024, one mom on TikTok braved bringing her 2-year-old daughter along with a night that was supposed to be dedicated to a few of my favorite things — chips, salsa, and tequila.

Keep reading to see how the woman’s toddler ensured she had a date night she would never forget!

A toddler at a restaurant
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A mom shared how her toddler daughter “popped off” at a local Mexican restaurant.

Before I begin, I’d like to say I am not one of those people who believe you can’t take kids anywhere. Most children at restaurants avoid bothering people at other tables, though there are a large number of kids who do. However, there is always that one toddler who always does their own thing, no matter who’s watching.

On Jan. 13, a TikTok user named Christina Kay (@christinakayscheftic) posted a 5-minute rant about how her 20-month-old daughter was undoubtedly one of those kids who will be themselves all day every day. The mom explained that her child, who’s not quite two yet, has already started on the “terrible two.”

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Christina said she and her husband took their daughter to a taqueria after not having a night out together. When they arrived at the restaurant, she remembered why it had been so long since the trio had been subject to public judgment.

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Christina said her toddler was on one when they arrived at the taqueria. Some highlights included the baby deciding she wanted to learn the word “cactus” on the spot, her being unbothered by spicy salsa, and her begging her mom and dad to “peas” and let her have some of their margaritas. Obviously, Christina and her hubby declined.

As Christina watched her unfiltered child in action, she was reminded why she rarely let the child leave the house. However, due to her being a “first-generation gentle parent,” she opted to calm down and let her do her thing.

But Christina’s child was far from done, as she shared how she “scrambled” out of her mom’s arms to dance to one of the songs playing at the taqueria. Additionally, the child sang along to the lyrics, which truly gagged Christina.

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“What happened in your past life that I wasn’t a part of that I feel like I should’ve been?” Christina asks in reaction to her daughter’s dancing. “That sounds like a good a-- time.”

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Christina’s daughter got even more comfortable at the taqueria.

During her video, Christina clarified that her daughter wasn’t dancing all over the restaurant and was “contained” next to her and her husband the whole time. However, after her child tried to help the staff with the dishes, Christina realized it was time to start “huffing down my chips and salsa” and get out of dodge.

Although Christina and her family couldn’t stay at the taqueria as long as they would’ve hoped due to her almost 2-year-old’s yearning to get her “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” on, Christina admitted she stans her daughter’s free spirit, especially since she still isn’t that bold at the age of 30.

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And, honestly, can you blame her? This child already knows she likes spicy food and upbeat music and doesn’t mind showing her love for both in public. We could all learn so much from this tiny icon.

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Commenters praised how Christina handled her extroverted daughter.

Underneath Christina’s TikTok, she received multiple comments about her insane taqueria trip. In between folks trying to decipher if Christina looks like Alanis Morisette, Jennifer Love Hewitt, or both, she also had tons of support from introverted moms who have been tasked with raising extroverted children.

“Introvert mom with an extrovert kid,” one commenter wrote. “I love her, but not the anxiety it gives me cause she wants to hug everyone.”

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“😂😂 peas and rubbing her belly aggressively is definitely my daughter,” another shared.

“I can relate,” a third mom simply added.

Christina also received suggestions to turn her taqueria troubles into a children’s book. Others suggested Mexican restaurants see her video as a sign to create virgin margarita slushies so small children can enjoy a drink. We fully support both ideas!

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