TikTokers Are Going Wild Over the "I Wanna Go Home" Sound

The “I wanna go home” trend on TikTok is popular now. Where did this TikTok trending sound come from and how are TikTokers using it now?

Stephanie Harper - Author

Aug. 22 2022, Published 1:33 p.m. ET

There are endless trends on TikTok popping up every single day. The “I wanna go home” trend on TikTok comes with a hilarious sound that originated from an old and hilarious music video.

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People are using the sound by the thousands to express their frustration about being stuck in a specific place or being held up doing a certain task. Where did this TikTok trending sound come from and how are TikTokers using it now?

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Where did the “I wanna go home” trending sound on TikTok come from?

The “I wanna go home" sound on TikTok comes from an old music video. Certain TikTok users posted the link to the original video, which comes from an album called "Holiday Destined Kids Volume III."

In the video, some children are sitting around together thinking about celebrating the holiday season. One of the girls in the group sings to everyone around her that she wants to go home to see her mother and celebrate the holiday. In the video, it’s clear that she and her school mates are stuck on campus, even though they don’t want to be there.

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These are some of the funniest examples of people using the “I wanna go home" TikTok trend.

A TikToker named @HennessyAlizee posted a clip poking fun at what it feels like to show up at work and already be ready to go home. In her video, she’s wearing a shirt and apron to represent the fact that she works in a customer service position and says that she is 30 minutes into her shift, but is already ready to go home. She has racked in over 40,000 likes from people who resonate with the feeling.

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In another video, a group of young adults are stuck on a Safari ride in the middle of a rainstorm. They are dressed in bikinis and shorts, which means they likely didn’t expect there to be any rain coming down on them during their experience. @Markelatarrance posted the video with the trending sound to express how ready she and her friends were to get home and out of the rain.

Another user named @TheLeslieAlyssaSanders used the trending sound to explain her instant regret whenever she leaves the house without wearing a bra. Although it’s more comfortable to skip wearing a bra, it can also lead to unwanted attention and stares.

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In another video posted by @TheySaidKay, the user added the trending sound to highlight her discomfort after getting caught by her boyfriend's mother. The on-screen text on her video says, “POV: 7 a.m., you go to use the bathroom, his momma saw you, now she’s waking up the whole house screaming about how disrespectful her son is and how he always has “h--s” in the house.

She continues, "So now they’re arguing and he’s rushing to get ready so he can drop you off. As you walk out, the whole family is in the living room looking at you.” Anyone in that predicament would be ready to go home too.

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