"Is That Even Safe?” — Couple Sits in an Ice Bath During Their Baby’s Gender Reveal

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Dec. 12 2023, Published 5:38 p.m. ET

There was once a time when two expecting parents would decide together if they would find out the baby’s gender during the mother’s pregnancy or wait until they met the baby for the first time in the delivery room. If they chose option A, the parents-to-be would tell one another the baby’s gender or share it with close friends and relatives.

However, over the years, parents have become more comfortable revealing their child’s gender to any stranger with access to their social media accounts.

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As we continue into the age of “it didn’t happen if you didn’t post it,” some content creators feel more and more pressured to turn up the volume when events like gender reveals take place.

In December 2023, one couple on TikTok celebrated their third baby’s gender with an ice bath, which they placed outside in the snow. And, to add more insanity, it wasn’t the mom-to-be's first time freezing on camera.

A woman in icy water with a vest and underwear on
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A husband and wife sat in an ice bath wearing shorts and a dress for their baby’s gender reveal.

While I’ve seen some extravagant gender reveals online, I’ve never been to one in person. If I were TikTok user Kya’s friend, I probably would’ve kept my no-gender reveal streak because me and below-freezing temperatures just don’t mix.

Kya, who goes by @itskyajeub on TikTok, isn’t afraid of getting a little chilly, and neither is her husband, Micah. In Kya’s December 2023 TikTok, the couple uses a weight to break down the thick ice covering their gender-reveal ice bath. The ice bath was outside, and the ground and trees were covered in snow.

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As Micah wore a blue shirt and shorts for “Team Boy,” he broke down the ice with a dumbbell. Eventually, he moved onto his hands, and Kya, wearing a pink dress for “Team Girl,” took over and got rid of the ice. As they’re both only wearing socks, Kya says on camera, “That’s a lot of ice.”

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Indeed, it was a lot of ice. So much so that I hoped Micah and Kya would change their minds and just send everyone the baby’s gender via text. But nope. Micah and Kya followed their plan, stating they “should do more ice baths like this.”

Kya and Micah then stepped into their ice bath, laughing and screaming simultaneously as their family cheered them on. After a few seconds of sitting in the freezing water, Micah dropped a food coloring tablet that turned the water pink.

Kya momentarily looked away from the camera and screamed when she realized the water was pink. She and Micah hugged and stood in the water as their family clapped and popped pink confetti outside.

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Kya’s TikTok commenters discovered she’s not new to taking ice baths on the app.

While Kya and Micah’s ice bath gender reveal wasn’t the most ridiculous gender reveal I’ve seen, there are some pretty wild ones. However, theirs required a diligence that I just don’t possess and would never fathom doing while pregnant. They both have all of my respect.

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Neither Kya nor her family considered her ice bath a big deal, but not because they’re more tolerant of freezing temperatures. Kya’s TikTok page shows she routinely sits in ice baths and has shared her journey as the “Ice Queen” on her platform.

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In one post, Kya celebrated achieving one year of taking ice baths and claimed the baths, which are known to have several health benefits, are “not that complicated.” I’ll believe you from a distance, girlfriend.

Although Kya isn’t new to ice baths, those unfamiliar with her brand were concerned about her taking one during her gender reveal. Many users also felt her creative reveal was weird and worried about her pregnancy.

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“I thought extreme temps are bad for pregnant women…?” one user asked.

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“Is that even safe when you are pregnant?” another inquired. “Congrats on your baby girl, but I'm genuinely concerned, lol.

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“This is so weirdly random,” a third user scoffed.

It’’s safe to assume none of them are doctors, and I hope Kya gave hers a heads-up before going into the tub.

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