"I Always Find the Stuff" — Walmart Employee Has to Find Items Co-Workers Mark as "Out of Stock" on Pick-up Orders

Kelly Corbett - Author

Dec. 12 2023, Published 1:33 p.m. ET

One of my favorite stores is Walmart, for two reasons: Good prices and constant chaos. Yes, I live for the drama. You never get this type of quality entertainment at other retailers like Target. Only at Walmart, will another customer use a zip tie to tie a shopping cart to your car handle for bad parking. Only at Walmart is a customer accidentally buying a styrofoam cake from the bakery.

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And only at Walmart will an employee claim that seeing black crows in the parking lot was a warning sign that her co-worker was about to pass away.

Well, here’s another issue that's happening at Walmart — one that I’m sure happens in other stores, but not as frequently as it does in Walmart. Let's just say that if you've ever placed an online shopping order at Walmart and were suspicious when certain items were out of stock, your suspicions are valid. One Walmart employee just took TikTok through his job — which involves double-checking items that his co-workers marked "out of stock."

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A Walmart employee restocking merchandise that's in a shopping cart.
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A Walmart employee's job is to find items incorrectly marked as "out of stock."

Picture this: You place an online order at Walmart for KitKats and are informed that the store is out. You can't help but think that it seems unlikely.

You aren't wrong for thinking like that because there's a chance that the KitKats are in stock and the employee fulfilling your shopping order was wrong.

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As one Walmart employee who works in "exceptions" proves, it happens more than you think. So much so that one of his responsibilities at work is to go around and investigate some of the items that his co-workers claimed the store is out of.

He made a video on TikTok showing viewers what his work consists of and how the folks he works with seemingly aren't looking hard enough for the items.

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“So I do exceptions for online orders, which basically means that the people who can’t find the stuff that people purchase, I gotta go find," says Walmart employee @tio_choco in a video.

His first item of business is looking for KitKats, which the store actually has an abundance of.

“Would you look at that?” he says as shows rows of the chocolate wafer candy, “but they hit item not found," he says of his co-worker.

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@tio_choco goes on to find Corn on the Cob, slippers, Pop Corners potato chips, address labels, drink mix, Red Bull energy drinks, and other items that his co-workers marked as out of stock.

By the tone of @tio_choco's voice, you could tell he was getting a little tired of his co-workers' tomfoolery.

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In the comment section, users could relate. "I always find the stuff on the shelf when they say it's unavailable," wrote one user.

Another said: "I once had half my order 'not available' so I drove to the store & found it all myself."

Others asked @tio_choco whether the employees who incorrectly mark products as out of stock get in trouble, to which he responded "yes." However, it isn't clear how serious these offenses are.

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Bottom line: If you order from Walmart and an item is marked "out of stock," either look for it yourself or find your local Exceptions worker. You might be able to get the item after all.

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