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Bride Uses IKEA Bag for Brilliant Wedding Gown Hack in the Bathroom


Wedding dresses are a big, big deal to most brides. I've never gone shopping for one, as beautiful as I think they are, but I've seen the price tags on more than a few of them and have been known to watch the occasional episode of Say Yes to the Dress.

However, they tend to be very bulky on the bottom and very white, which can pose a lot of problems, particularly if nature calls. How do you keep this very expensive, very beautiful white dress immaculately clean on your wedding day if you have to make a stop in the bathroom? Most brides have had to enlist the help of a very close friend who's comfortable being around while you go number 1. But if you prefer to so to the bathroom solo, there's a solution.

According to Tina, all you need is an IKEA bag. The bride-to-be has drawn praise and awe for her ingenuity after she shared images of her inventive use of an IKEA bag to keep her gown clean and dry whenever she needed to use the bathroom on her wedding day.