"This Is Not Appropriate" — Mom Hears Surprising Lyrics From Halloween Pumpkin Decoration

An inappropriate singing pumpkin found at Target is among the many decorations for Halloween that are making people stop and think.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Oct. 23 2023, Published 11:58 a.m. ET

It’s safe to say that, at this point, Target has zero chill when it comes to Halloween decorations. First it was Lewis the talking pumpkin, and now it’s an inappropriate singing pumpkin from Target. At least, that’s what it looks like in a TikTok video by user @brookefoster77, whose real name is Brooke. She shared a video in which a pumpkin sings a pretty risque song, and once she listens to the lyrics, she shuts it off.

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The pumpkin itself has what appears to be an LED screen that shows an animated face of a jack-o'-lantern. And as it sings a song about “filling you with fright,” among other things, and doing so “all night,” its face moves with expression. It’s at this point that Brooke decides to shut off the pumpkin, but it definitely has people talking.

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An inappropriate singing pumpkin decoration from Target had one mom shook.

The TikTok video starts off with the pumpkin singing on the front porch. The lyrics involve phrases like being “wicked for one night” and “when the sun goes down.” The pumpkin also asks, “How would you like to scream all night? I’ll fill you full of fright… spoil you with my roasted pumpkin seeds.”

Brooke then declares, “This is not appropriate. We’re gonna turn this down.” She adds, “I don’t know, we bought it from Target. We’ll let him just lip sync.” Maybe he has another song instead? Otherwise, she may be out on whatever she spent on the singing LED pumpkin.

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There is a YouTube video featuring a pumpkin and the same song, and when you listen to the lyrics, they aren't really that bad. “Inappropriate” may be a strong word, especially since this is a Halloween decoration we’re talking about. And, while the lyrics could have a double meaning, the song appears to just be about getting into trouble for one night, whether that means kissing or something more.

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People are comparing the pumpkin to Lewis, the other Target pumpkin.

Lewis, the Target pumpkin decoration which declares it is not a jack-o'-lantern, is another popular seasonal item from the department store. And in the comments under this TikTok, some users are quick to mention him by name.

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"I guess now we know why Lewis was trying to distance himself from jack-o'-lanterns," someone commented. "He’s like, I’m not like that."

Another user wrote, "Lewis would never."

"Lewis made it clear he is not a jack-o'-lantern and now we know why! Lewis is wholesome," someone else said under the video.

But, inappropriate or not, others want one of these pumpkins for themselves. And I would be lying if I said that song hadn’t been in my head since the first time I watched that TikTok.

One person commented, "My jaw DROPPED, but I also felt properly serenaded."

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And a couple of others pointed out that the TikTok creator's daughter in the video probably wouldn't have any inkling that the pumpkin is inappropriate in any way if Brooke hadn't said anything.

Either way, though, somehow we have yet another singing and talking pumpkin from Target that has people curious.

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