A Customer Reveals Shocking Amount of Sugar in a Dunkin' Pumpkin Swirl — "Equal to 14 Glazed Donuts"

If you are Dunkin' devotee, we have some bad news: The chain's seasonal drink is so much worse for you than you could ever have imagined.

Melissa Willets - Author

Sep. 20 2023, Published 11:54 a.m. ET

In a TikTok that inspired over 8,000 comments at time of writing, a creator who shares content using the handle @flavcity discloses the truly terrifying amount of sugar in a Dunkin' Pumpkin Swirl frozen coffee.

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May we just apologize in advance that you may never order this delicious beverage again due to the appalling level of unhealthiness contained within. Read on if you dare.

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Just how much sugar is in a Dunkin' Pumpkin Swirl drink? A lot.

The creator, who is also known at The Grocery Store Guy, and who often dissects popular foods to better the health of followers, shared that there's a jaw-dropping 185 grams of sugar in this particular fall-inspired chilly beverage.

Since most of us aren't familiar with just how much 185 grams of sugar is, other than knowing it's a lot, the creator went on to note that this is equivalent to 46 teaspoons of sugar. Sweet Lord.

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Put another way, this amount of sugar is equal to 14 glazed donuts. As a bunch of commenters to this TikTok noted, we'd rather have the donuts!

But The Grocery Store Guy wasn't even done with his sugar overload overview.

He added that there's actually no pumpkin in this pumpkin treat; it's just artificial flavoring.

Meanwhile, there are 12 mentions of sugar in the ingredients list, from high fructose corn sugar, to corn syrup.

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If you're not already turned off from Dunkin' drinks forever more, consider that as this popular creator told his audience, you'll imbibe 930 calories, and over 190 grams of carbs if you sip the sugary menu item.

Not everyone is going to skip this season Dunkin' drink, but others are completely grossed out.

I can't lie; I would not order this drink after seeing this TikTok. But many commenters laughed off the creator's share, with one person simply saying, "So don't drink it. Calm down."

Fair enough.

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Others were impressed by his hutzpah of sharing this unflattering information about Dunkin' inside an actual restaurant.

Meanwhile, as mentioned earlier, a large amount of commenters felt that the smart choice was basically to eat 14 donuts, and skip the not-really-pumpkin drink.

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I'm loving this commenter's hilarious take on the sugary drink report: "With Dunkin', America won't be able to run anymore."

Someone else took the news more seriously and said a drink this unhealthy should be illegal.

This creator also took on Starbucks drinks in case you're wondering.

The creator who made no bones about sharing with the world that he is no fan of Dunkin' seasonal pumpkin drinks also wondered in another TikTok if the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte is a coffee drink or a dessert.

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Although not as unhealthy as its competitor's version, a Starbucks PSL packs 50 grams of sugar, or more than 12 teaspoons of sugar. To be fair, he was reviewing a smaller drink than he did over at Dunkin'.

The bottom line is that this creator took all the fun out of pumpkin season. But he also does a good job of educating us about how truly sugary and unhealthy some of our favorite treats are. In moderation, it's probably all good, but to anyone who has a daily Dunkin' or Starbucks habit, perhaps stick to straight coffee.

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