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Source: Instagram

Influencer Tiffany Mitchell Responds to Accusations She Staged Her Motorcycle Accident


Nashville-based influencer Tiffany Mitchell defended her recent actions on social media after she received backlash for posting pictures of herself post-motorcycle accident. Earlier in August, the lifestyle blogger got scraped up after falling off her bike after she “misjudged a curve.” 

As Tiffany lied on the ground processing what had happened, her friend Lindsey (who is a photographer) was there to document the moment. According to the southern blogger, Lindsey did make sure her friend was okay first. 

Following the accident, Tiffany decided to share the event with her followers on Instagram in a series of snaps. "I was scared, and relieved, and so thankful I could move all my joints and that I never lost consciousness. My friends were at my side immediately… I was in a haze the entire time,” she captioned the initial post.