Instacart Customer Says Shopper Made a Massive Mistake: "He Actually Called Me to Verify"

A woman shared how her Instacart shopper couldn't find deli ham and replaced it with a whole, uncut quartered ham. That's just half the story.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Jul. 6 2023, Published 2:05 p.m. ET

Everyone who uses Instacart knows that you assume certain risks when you opt to have someone else do your grocery shopping for you. And one user on TikTok by the name of @Witchy_Coffee shared a video where she was the subject of one Instacart shopper's big mistake. In the video, Witchy_Coffee explains that her shopper purchased a quartered ham instead of the ham lunch meat on her list.

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OK, so Witchy_Coffee isn't the first customer to get the wrong item from Instacart. But she goes on to explain that she even confirmed with the shopper what exactly she was after with her order. Being at the mercy of an Instacart shopper can be stressful enough without ending up with the wrong groceries, missing items, or even a missing order altogether. But at least she didn't end up with the latter.

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An Instacart shopper replaced sliced deli ham with a quartered ham.

When the woman on TikTok shared her Instacart story, she explained that, as a rule, she doesn't particularly trust male Instacart shoppers. Where that idea stems from is unclear, but according to Witchy_Coffee, it's common knowledge among some to believe that male Instacart shoppers may not be as detail-oriented as others.

However, since her order was small, she was willing to give one male shopper the benefit of the doubt. Especially since the shopping list was so small. In her eyes, what could go wrong, right? Well, not right. Unfortunately, she was very, very wrong. And I'd probably be as flabbergasted as she was when she received her order, expecting a quarter pound of sliced deli ham lunch meat and instead got a quartered chunk of ham, sealed, and very much not sliced.

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Witchy_Coffee admits in the video that she tries to keep an "open mind" and not support "stereotypes," such as the apparent one about male Instacart shoppers being unable to find substitutions. But she doesn't quite understand how her order turned out wrong when she even spoke to the guy on the phone.

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"I had a male Instacart shopper [and a] very small order," she says in the TikTok video. "I thought, you can't possibly mess it up."

She then explains what she ordered and how the shopper called her to make sure he purchased the right item.

"He couldn't find it," she explains. "Which I was like, 'that's weird, just ask the deli guy.' He actually called me to verify and he said, 'you want a quarter?' And I repeated, 'yes, a quarter pound of ham.'"

Unfortunately, the quarter pound of ham the shopper found was an uncut quartered ham.

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But she isn’t alone. One user commented that on Instacart, they once ordered eight bananas and the shopper brought them eight bunches of bananas instead. Another shared their experience: “Couldn’t find broccoli, gave me one single sweet potato.”

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Another TikTok user claimed that, when their assigned Instacart shopper couldn't find green beans, they purchased veggie chips instead. Honestly, the amount of incorrect or downright ridiculous Instacart orders seems to be never-ending.

The Instacart customer thinks the shopper also stole the ham.

The customer shares what the ham looks like in her TikTok video and explains that it's pretty far from what she expected and she probably can't use it for her original intended purpose.

Can she make sandwiches with it the same way she might have planned to with the deli ham? Probably not. And unless she has an industrial sized deli slicer in her kitchen, I'm guessing there's not much she can do, short of returning the ham to the grocery store.

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The real kicker, though (yes, because of course there's another part to this), is that Witchy_Coffee thinks the Instacart shopper might have even stolen the ham. Or, at the very least, rang it up incorrectly at check-out. She says her receipt shows the ham as costing just $1.68, which is pretty unlikely for a hunk of meat that size. Hey, at least the Instacart shopper saved her a few bucks in the end.

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