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Source: Instagram

Woman's Instagram Account Documents All the Trash Her Husband Leaves Around the House


Any person who is in a relationship with a dude probably deals with them leaving their trash everywhere. Men live in a world that's been designed for them. What comes with that is the assumption that they can just leave their garbage everywhere and someone else will take care of it. Well, one woman had quite enough of that type of behavior from her husband, so she started an Instagram account documenting all the trash he leaves around and all the weird things he does. It's called @gomi_sutero, which means "throw away your trash" in Japanese, and it's your new favorite thing. Guaranteed. 

Floor tissues

Source: Instagram

I've done that thing where I try to toss my tissue in the trash can like a basketball player. But when I miss, I walk up and put it in! Does this guy think that the garbage can and the floor around the garbage can are acceptable areas for garbage to be? Because he is sorely mistaken.