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20 Times Celebs Hilariously Trolled Their Families and Friends on Instagram



I don't know why, but Instagram seems to be the Wild West of celebrity interactions. For some reason, all the gloves...and most of the rest of their clothes come off on Instagram, and celebs from all industries let the snark fly. Celeb parents troll their kids. Kid troll their famous parents. Friends become frenemies. The trolling is next level. These are some of the best celebrity comments on Instagram...ever.

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The Apatow girls must have had a raucous upbringing as the kids of Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann. But now that they're adult enough to have their own careers and Instagram accounts, they're old enough to hear the truth about their eye makeup from good ol' mom. 

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Sometimes, you remember that Josh Brolin is Barbra Streisand's stepson, which is an insane thing. But even more insane is the fact that she commented on his Instagram in true Jewish mom fashion to tell him to smile more. When Barbra tells you to smile with teeth, you do that!

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I'm sorry. I knew Mick Jagger was a larger-than-life rock star, but I had no idea he was such a devastatingly funny comedian and roast master. On this photo of his son Lucas on the beach, he wrote, "Watch out for the water." Perfect.

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One of the best things you can do for yourself right now is go to Rob Lowe's Instagram and take a look at almost every one of his pictures. His sons troll the crap out of him constantly, and it's hilarious. "Plz god no" is just one of many horrified reactions Johnny Lowe provides on his dad's photos.

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Again, here's someone I did not peg for a skilled comedic writer, but Pauly D's comment on this photo of Snooki's adorable baby is just too funny. "Do u still have the other two kids?" I have a question for you, Pauly D. Where do you get off being so funny?

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This is such a sincere and adorable post from Ethan Hawke about his (and Uma Thurman's) daughter, Maya Hawke, who starred in the newest season of Stranger Things. In fact, it's so sincere and adorable that it's almost like a troll job.

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Ireland Basinger Baldwin has clashed with both her parents (Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger) on Instagram before, but I truly love this caption on this post from her stepmom, Hilaria Baldwin. 

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Before Cole Sprouse was Jughead, he and his twin brother Dylan were probably the most prolific child actors of their generation. They were super cute, and like any pair of brothers, they really get into it with each other. Even in Instagram comments.

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Leslie Mann isn't the only member of her family who can play the Instagram game. Judd himself manages to roast...himself and his wife while also posting a silly photo of his daughter. This is like, Instagram master level 50. 

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At first, this photo of the Jonas brothers seems fine, but quickly you realize that something is off. That something, it turns out, is a super unsettling face swap situation. And you and me aren't the only ones disturbed by it. Their mom loudly exclaimed, "I hate this!!" in the comments, and for some reason, Dr. Phil agreed.

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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kevin Hart have a hilarious fake rivalry going on, and this caption is perfect. However, I do feel a little bad for Kevin Hart. There is no area in life in which he would win against either Jason Statham or The Rock.

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Rob Lowe deserved the derision he got from his son when he captioned this photo of himself, Chris Pratt, and his son on the golf course with the word, "Threesome." Why would you do that?! I also don't condone this caption, Johnny. I've got your back on this one.

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Brooklyn Beckham once went live on Instagram, which wasn't a very smooth move because he was almost immediately caught by his father, soccer star David Beckham. Maybe it was his free period, Dad! Gaaaahhhhhhhdddddd.

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The Apatows strike again! Lena Dunham posted this picture of her and Iris Apatow with the caption, "Am I taking this teen to London? Sure am!!! What's the over-under on me losing her? Don't worry @juddapatow. I'm on it!!!" Judd responded that he didn't even notice his own daughter was not in the house anymore.

When you have a teeny tiny baby, you can pretty much say anything you want and they have to listen because they can't walk away. So The Rock took this opportunity to troll his own daughter by telling her just how sexy her dad is. I'm sure she'll appreciate this when she grows up.

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I don't know why Brooklyn is holding a baby doll; I don't think it's his because his mom, Victoria Beckham (known to '90s girls everywhere as Posh Spice), mercilessly made fun of him for holding it. Kids so often make fun of their moms; it's only fair that the script gets flipped once in a while.

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Cindy Crawford is a supermodel, so she's often posing in hot shots with naked dudes. If you were her daughter, like Kaia Gerber is, you'd probably be a little bit embarrassed to see that too. 

This is probably the most epic troll job on the list. When Jaden Smith released a music video, his dad Will expressed his appreciation in the greatest possible way: by recreating that video shot for shot. I mean, this is unparalleled in the parental trolling arena.

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This list wouldn't be complete without a hilarious exchange between the most clever of trolling couples: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. I love that they joked about Ashley Madison on Valentine's Day. That's how you know they're so strong.

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This isn't really an instance of trolling, but I cannot stop thinking about Lisa Bonet and Seth Rogen running into each other in a plant shop and being confused because they both recognized each other from being famous but not from real life. This is low-key the funniest thing that has ever happened.

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