The 'Internet Urban Legends' Ladies Are the Mulder and Scully of Their Podcast (EXCLUSIVE)

The hosts of the podcast 'Internet Urban Legends,' Eleanor Snitchery and Loey Lane, dive deep into online horror stories so you don’t have to.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Apr. 16 2021, Updated 4:55 p.m. ET

Loey Lane and Eleanor Snitchery from 'Internet Urban Legends'
Source: Instagram

You might think the last thing you need is another murder or true-crime podcast to add to the docket. But Internet Urban Legends isn't about the Black Dahlia murder or the Chris Watts case, both of which you might have already gone over, under, and through in watching and listening to details about them. 

Instead, it's a podcast from Spotify and Parcast with hosts Loey Lane and Eleanor Snitchery, who are big on digging deep into internet lore.

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That TikTok series you watched from someone who was sure they saw a ghost in their home? Eleanor and Loey are ready to take a deep dive. What about those internet chain letters that used to terrify us? They might have some thoughts on those too. 

Call them the internet sleuths you never knew you needed, because they are doing the grunt work for you and packaging it in nice 25-minute podcast episodes set to spooky music.

internet urban legends podcast hosts
Source: Spotify / Parcast
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Oh yeah, and one of them grew up in a haunted house.

Distractify spoke with both Loey and Eleanor exclusively in their first-ever interview about their history with the supernatural, their interest in starting a podcast in such a specific niche, and what you can expect from Internet Urban Legends. Spoiler alert — it might just become your favorite podcast overnight.

The 'Internet Urban Legends' podcast hosts were already real-life BFFs.

Long before Internet Urban Legends was born, Eleanor and Loey were best friends. Eleanor explained to Distractify that the podcast itself had been "in the works for about a year" before it officially launched on Parcast and Spotify. And, they both shared, it was a way to bring their separate fan bases together with a shared interest.

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Both Loey and Eleanor already had fans and social media followers ahead of starting their podcast, but their content on social media is different from what the podcast's about and different from each other's. Being able to chat about weird internet lore with each other for the sake of the podcast is a bonus on top of growing their careers.

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"It was a joint decision to start a podcast," Loey told Distractify. "The idea of bringing us both together on something we could work on … The podcast is just kind of something we wanted to do together because we just wanted to bring ourselves together and we didn't have to worry about alienating one fan base. And the podcast is something entirely new and entirely different."

Outside of Internet Urban Legends, Eleanor is a digital artist who shares her intricate and talented cosplay styles and looks on her Instagram account, which has more than 1 million followers. 

Loey is a body positivity model and activist with more than 600,000 Instagram followers and more than 2 million YouTube subscribers. The latter is where she often shares videos of herself talking about paranormal topics.

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Together, Eleanor and Loey have created a podcast that melds their shared interests while also making it possible for new fans to engage with them in something different. And, of course Internet Urban Legends also gives them the chance to show their own separate fan bases another side of themselves.

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Eleanor Snitchery and Loey Lane are ready to dive deep into the internet for podcast material.

Instead of Eleanor and Loey discussing one topic after another and calling it a day during each episode of their show, they have specific roles. Loey is the host who explains a different story that she went down a rabbit hole to research before each episode.

Eleanor, on the other hand, is the host who doubles as the resident skeptic. She wants to believe in the supernatural but hasn't quite gotten there yet. In other words, they are The X-Files' Mulder and Scully, respectively.

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"We've already had some episodes we've filmed where I've started to waiver a little bit," Eleanor said of her desire to believe in the unknown. "The thing about me is, I'm so desperate to see a ghost. I am such a die-hard fan of the paranormal. 

"But I can't force my brain to not think of every logical and logistical possibility of what it could be otherwise. Loey will tell you. I am constantly and permanently on the lookout for a ghost and a ghoul and some evidence that will convince me."

Loey from 'Internet Urban Legends' grew up in a haunted house.

Loey's supernatural knowledge partly stems from the fact that she grew up in a haunted house. She explained that her family's home was in rural Georgia on a farm built on a colonial mine near an Indian burial ground. She essentially didn't stand a chance.

Living in a house where paranormal happenings were a regular occurrence meant Loey got used to unexplained noises. According to her mom, a strange ghostly old man would also appear in their kitchen from time to time.

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"Growing up, I always had paranormal experiences," Loey admitted to Distractify. "There was always a bump in the night that made me feel uneasy that it would turn into something more."

While it could have steered Loey away from the paranormal altogether, and it did certainly terrified her to some extent, it also helped her hone in on her genuine curiosity on the topic.

The future of 'Internet Urban Legends' looks bright.

Both Loey and Eleanor are open to the idea of not only experts coming on their podcast but also people with first-hand experience of various internet stories. Speaking with people who are the subject of different internet videos of alleged supernatural happenings or those who know a thing or two about hunting ghosts would probably be good for convincing Eleanor, too.

Listen to new episodes of Internet Urban Legends every Tuesday on Spotify and Parcast.

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