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Interracial Family Receives "Eviction" Threat from Neighbors Who Assume They're Renters


People are horrified by this letter a family received in their mailbox from a neighbor who assumed they couldn't afford to live in the area due to the fact that they were "interracial."

While everyone has unconscious biases about different cultural and ethnic groups, allowing those biases to influence your actions is when they become problematic.

There's countless videos on the internet of cashiers and convenience store workers following customers around and assuming they're going to steal just because they're black. I have to hand it to this guy for having a sense of humor about it, but I can't imagine what it must be like to live like that day in, day out.

I guess finding comedy in something so ugly and awful is one of the best ways to cope with it.

That's probably partly why Facebook user Marc Yu had the reaction he did to a letter he and his family received from an anonymous neighbor. The letter writer basically threatened them to leave their neighborhood within 60 days and assumed the family were renting from a (presumably white) homeowner.